Meet your merchant: Owner has cornered the market for land and tree clearing |

Meet your merchant: Owner has cornered the market for land and tree clearing

Troy Sidebottom of All Phase Land Clearing stands in front of his crew and equipment that is ready to go to work.
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What: All Phase Land Clearing Inc.

Owner: Troy Sidebottom

17628 Lightfoot way, Nevada City


Facebook: All Phase Land Clearing

Phone: 530-265-3867

24 hour emergency service

Troy Sidebottom is one of those people whose career just seemed to have fallen into place.

Straight out of high school at Nevada Union, he landed a job working for a landscaping company. He kept getting promoted and pretty soon he was running the company.

Because there weren’t many land clearing or tree removal companies at the time, he and his crew were often faced with massive projects that involved removing debris and dead trees just so they could begin installing the landscaping.


That’s where Sidebottom saw a need and a niche. After a full decade of working in landscaping, in 2005 he decided to branch off and start a business of his own, All Phase Land Clearing.

“My childhood friend Ryan Coe and I started out with one tractor with a masticator,” said Sidebottom. “We were one of the first companies to come out with that. Ryan had a logging background so he brought that experience to the business.”

The pair lasted about two years before realizing it was time to increase their staff.

“The business just started growing and pretty soon we were booked six months out,” said Sidebottom. “We just couldn’t keep up with the work.”


In 2007, Sidebottom bought a second masticator and hired three more employees. But soon that too wasn’t enough. In 2009, he added a logging component to the business and put Coe in charge. This enabled the company to provide residential tree hazard removal and respond to emergency tree storm damage, 24 hours a day. They also began selling their wood to the mill at Sierra Pacific Industries.

Today, All Phase Land Clearing lives up to its name, boasting 15 employees, four masticators, a logging truck, three skidders (used to drag trees out of the forest), and their newest acquisition, a whole tree track chipper, which can chip trees up to 20 inches in diameter.

“We’re unique in terms of doing all phases,” said Sidebottom. “We’ve got four separate crews — two land clearing crews, a logging crew and a hazardous tree removal crew. Most of my amazing employees have been with me between five and 13 years. I would absolutely not be where I am without them.”


There is one upside to the devastation that took place during the Carr and Camp fires, said Sidebottom, and that is that more homeowners are now taking the threat of wildfire seriously. People are really stepping up to protect their homes, form associations and are no longer afraid to finally cut that one tree that’s growing too close to the house, he said.

PG&E is taking wildfire seriously too, and due to their reputation and expertise, All Phase Land Clearing has now been hired by the utilities company for a variety of land and tree clearing jobs within the county.

“Our motto is to do the best quality job we can for our customer,” said Sidebottom. “That’s why we’re now busy year-round. I think that’s what’s made us stand out — we do good work.”


Grass Valley customer Bob Cosick couldn’t agree more.

“I wanted to put up 21 solar panels so I had All Phase Land Clearing remove 13 cedars and about five oak trees using a crane,” he said. “They did an extremely professional job. They took three logging trucks’ worth of cedar down my long driveway. I was really impressed. They left the oak neatly stacked for me to chop up for firewood. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

George McKenzie of Nevada City said he was appreciative of the fact that Troy and his team effectively communicated expectations and their “plan of attack” ahead of time, which helped him better understand the process.

“I’m happy to say I had a fantastic experience with All Phase Land Clearing,” said McKenzie. “They were professional, fast, hard workers with the right tools for the job. They covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time, despite the fact that my property had very steep terrain. They had reasonable prices and did top notch work. I would recommend them to anyone who really wants to clean up their land and make it defensible in case of a fire. I was not disappointed.”


The grandson of a Nevada County miner, Sidebottom comes from a long line of people who aren’t afraid of a hard day’s work. His two sons, Tyler and Trayton, both worked with their father while growing up. Tyler has since started his own car detailing business and Trayton is a senior at Nevada Union. His daughter, Lexi, is 9. Just a year ago, Sidebottom married Gina Sidebottom, who is the general manager at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant in Grass Valley.

“We are two very busy people running businesses,” said Sidebottom. “My average day runs from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. For a lot of years I wasn’t out spending money and having fun in my personal life. I put everything I made back into the business. But I learned that if you do a good job and hire amazing employees, you stay busy. It’s that simple.”

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