Meckler resigns from national Tea Party Patriots |

Meckler resigns from national Tea Party Patriots

The Union staff

Mark Meckler, co-founder of the national Tea Party Patriots, has tendered his resignation to the Board of Directors.

“I have repeatedly expressed, over a long period of time, my discomfort with the way the financial affairs of TPP have been handled, and that I believe that TPP is fiscally irresponsible in the way that it spends and manages donor monies,” Meckler wrote in a letter addressed to Ernest Istook and other members of the Tea Party Patriots board.

“It is clear that I no longer have any viable input on the direction of the organization, either philosophically or in its corporate operations,” Meckler wrote. “As Treasurer, I have been excluded from the distribution of critical financial information, and critical discussions about the finances of the organization.”

Nancy Garcia, president of the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots, said Meckler’s resignation on the national level will help the local chapter.

“As local Tea Party members, we feel this move will make us a stronger movement,” Garcia wrote in an e-mail, “for it removes us from the people who have abandoned the principles we are working so hard to uphold.”

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