Measure A: $15 million high schools bond issue |

Measure A: $15 million high schools bond issue


On Oct. 10, 2001, the Board of Education of the Nevada Joint Union High School District adopted Resolution No. 7-01/02 which places before the voters the question of whether general obligation bonds, in an amount not to exceed $15,000,000, should be issued and sold by the District for the purpose of financing improvements to school facilities within its jurisdiction.

Measure A:

By this measure, the Nevada Joint Union High School District is seeking voter approval to allow the District to issue and sell general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $15,000,000.

In accordance with Proposition 39 (Education Code Section 15100, et seq.), and Government Code Section 53500, et seq., the Board of Education of the Nevada Joint Union High School District has adopted Resolution 7-01/02 which pledges to use the proceeds of the sale of general obligation bonds solely for the purpose of acquiring, improving, constructing, repairing, renovating, furnishing, and equipping school facilities within its jurisdiction. Targeted projects include $7,000,000 for renovations to Nevada Union High School; $7,000,000 for construction of an addition to Bear River High School, including a performing arts building and aquatic center; and $1,000,000 for repair and upgrade of classrooms and buildings at Sierra Foothill High School. The proceeds of the sale of such bonds could not be used for teacher or adminstrator salaries, or for school operating expenses.

If this measure is approved by the voters, the District must create and appoint a Citizen’s Oversight Committee to oversee the use of funds generated by the sale of the bonds. In addition, the District must generate an annual, independent financial audit to ensure that the bond proceeds are expended only for authorized purposes. (Education Code Section 15278.)

Requirement for Adoption:

Pursuant to Education Code Section 15274, this measure requires approval by a 55 percent majority of those voting on the measure.

A “yes” vote on this measure means that the voter is in favor of the District’s issuance and sale of $15,000,000 in general obligation bonds for the purpose of financing improvements to school facilities within its jurisdiction. A “no” vote on this measure means that the voter is not in favor of the District’s issuance and sale of general obligation bonds.

Charles J. McKee

County Counsel

Measure A asks you, the taxpayer, to help refurbish two of our aging high schools with funds to make them a safe and healthy environment for learning. Nevada Union, a 41-year-old facility, is in need of major renovations including heating, wiring and lighting while Sierra Foothill High (formerly Grass Valley High), a 63-year-old facility, needs similar repairs as it begins a transition to a vocational high school.

Measure A also provides funds to complete Bear River High by constructing a long awaited performing arts center for school and community events along with an aquatic facility.

Measure A would raise $15 million and make the high schools able to receive $8 million more in state building funds. Without bond passage, the district would receive no state aid as the state fund demands local matching funds.

Measure A would cost $10 per $100,000 in assessed property valuation. Therefore, a home assessed at $150,000 would be charged $15 per year. We believe this is a small price for keeping our high schools safe and healthy. The life of Measure A bonds is 30 years.

Annual education funds should not be used for major school repair and renovation projects. These dollars should be allocated to the classroom for books, supplies and teachers.

Measure A funds may only be spent on capital improvements, not on administrative overhead. To insure this, a Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee will be established, as prescribed in the bond language. If you would like to serve on this Committee, please contact High School Superintendent Joe Boeckx at 273-3351.

We strongly urge you to support Measure A as both an investment in our youth and a long overdue investment in our three local high schools. For in-depth details, please refer to – or a local public library.

Marguerite Leipzig

Penn Valley Community Leader

Larry G. Lutz

Senior Center Founder

Terence K. McAteer

County Superintendent of Schools

Raymond E. Shine

Attorney, Nevada Union Class of ’66

Mary E. Tucker

Senior Advocate

Bond promoters fail to mention that property taxes on homes will increase if only 55 percent of those casting ballots approve.

For more than 100 years the California Constitution protected homeowners from property tax increases to pay for bonds unless there was a two-thirds vote. The two-thirds vote is important because those who do not own homes and will pay none of the tax increase can vote to impose higher property taxes on those who do own homes. Although Homeowners continue to need the two-thirds vote protection, in 2000 a group of billionaires decided it should be easier to increase property taxes on the average homeowner. The billionaires spent over $30,000,000 on a highly deceptive campaign to end this protection. They claimed their Proposition 39 would “strengthen” Proposition 13! Can you imagine? They claimed that eliminating the two-thirds vote protection for homeowners would actually “strengthen” Prop. 13!

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association fought back fiercely funded by small donations from average homeowners. Unfortunately for the average homeowner, the billionaires narrowly defeated us.

However, local governing boards still have the option of requiring a two-thirds vote, instead of 55 percent, when they ask for a property tax increase on your home. Several school boards in other jurisdictions have decided to leave the two-thirds vote homeowner protection in place. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is not opposing these bonds. We believe you should vote NO until your school board gives you the two-thirds vote protection for your home.

Jon Coupal

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association President

This measure is a Proposition 39 Tax Increase. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association opposes all Proposition 39 Property Tax Increases. For more than 100 years the California constitution required a two-thirds vote of the people to increase your property taxes. That was changed to 55 percent for certain property tax increases with a $30,000,000 highly deceptive campaign financed by billionaires whose companies pay little or no property taxes. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, by far the largest and most successful organization of ordinary taxpayers in California, fiercely opposed proposition 39.

Leading a campaign funded by average homeowners, we fought back. Outspent 10 – 1, we lost in a very close vote. Your local school board could have put a normal bond proposal on the ballot, which would have required a two-thirds vote. Other school districts with elections on the same day chose a normal bond. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is not opposing any of them. But your school board chose to try to impose a Proposition 39 Property Tax Increase upon you. If just 55 percent vote yes it will result in nearly $30 million in new property taxes in your school district, including interest, fees and charges. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association strongly recommends that you vote “No” on this property tax increase.

Jon Coupal

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association President

Measure A is not about Proposition 39. It is about safe and healthy schools. Voters approved Proposition 39 to provide a more equitable approach for funding school facilities and to reduce the cost of home construction by less reliance on developer fees. The Nevada Union Board of Trustees would not be doing their job if they did not place Measure A on the ballot to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our students.

Through community generosity, over the years we have created one of the most comprehensive high school facilities in the state. Many of the buildings and systems at Nevada Union have aged and are badly in need of restoration. It would be a shame to allow this irreplaceable facility to fall into disrepair. Measure A would preserve this extraordinary campus for future generations of students.

Measure A would also provide Bear River High School students with the same educational opportunities offered to all other students in the county. The performing arts center and aquatic facility will serve the entire community.

Measure A is a common sense approach to keeping our schools safe, protecting the public’s investment and preparing our students for the future. All of this for less than $25 per year for most households.

Jon Coupal does not know the facts of Measure A and the needs of our community as he lives in Los Angeles.

Please join taxpayers throughout our community in support of Measure A. We can do no less for our children.

Owen G. Holt

Lake of the Pines Community Leader

James Meshwert

Superintendent, Pleasant Ridge School District

Betty G. Simpson

Founder, Banner Mountain Home Owners Association

Linda Stevens

Mayor, City of Grass Valley

Edward B. Sylvester

President, Nevada County Business Association

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