MARRIAGES: MAY 17-24, 2019 |

MARRIAGES: MAY 17-24, 2019

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May 17

Marcum and Balderston: Melissa Ann Marcum and Jeffrey Paul Balderston.

Guji and Kain: Makiko Guji and John Robert Kain.

Arena and Smith: Kelsey Lynn Arena and Joshua Eli James Smith.

Demetre and Burgard: Joelle Denae Demetre and Ryan Andrew Burgard.

Onusic and Hinds: Elise Catherine Onusic and Robin Sheldon Hinds.

May 20

Bakey and Loufas: Jordan Elizabeth Bakey and Brandan Demitri Loufas.

Becker and Owen: Daniel William Becker and Barry Roy Owen.

Alcantar and Famorca: Jeni Nicole Alcantar and Paul Victor Cadena Famorca.

Schommer and Barnett: Angela Dawn Schommer and Christopher Scott Barnett.

May 21

Martinez and Drummond: Micaela Angela Martinez and Dylan Joseph Drummond.

May 22

Curtis and Jeffries: Dorothy Ann Curtis and Boyce William Jeffries, Jr.

Greenman and Cena: Elizabeth Suzanne Greenman and Jacob Anthony Cena.

May 23

Faraco and Odegard: Dayton Joy Faraco and Niels Thomas Mark Odegard.

May 24

Hulvey and Jaynes: Teri Lynn Hulvey and John Lloyd Jaynes, Jr.

Bauchou and Hildinger: Katrina Nicole Bauchou and Kyle James Hildinger.

Repas and Huffman: Andreas Emmanuel Repas and Kellie Joell Huffman.

Hopper and Guilloz: Randa Diane Hopper and Eric Arnold Guilloz.

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