Marriage should be between a man and a woman |

Marriage should be between a man and a woman

What is happening to our great country? It is so important to appoint good people to be judges in the California Supreme Court.

Whoever appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald M. George, Joyce L. Kennard, Carlos R. Moreno, and Kathryn Werdegar seems to have been misguided. These four judges narrowly overturned Proposition 22, a ballot measure passed in 2000, protecting traditional marriage, which was supported by 61 percent of Californians – an overwhelming majority. These judges voted 4-3 to overturn Prop. 22, which stated that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

God created the Earth and gave us the rules to live by. One was that a man and a woman may marry. When they have children, they should nourish and strengthen the children.

Research has shown that the nature of the traditional family is necessary for the greatest good for children and for the benefit of society. Study after study has shown that children do best in a home with a married biological mother and father.

It also tells us that children of intact traditional marriages are much healthier in body, spirit and mind, more successful in school and life, and much less likely to use drugs, abuse alcohol, or engage in crime.

I am pro-family, not anti-gay. I do believe that God ordained man and woman to marry and replenish the earth. This is a sacred ordinance only for a man and a woman. Our forefathers must be very disappointed in the four judges who overturned Prop 22.

We now have an opportunity to overturn the judges decision by voting “yes” on Prop. 8. It will then be a part of our state Constitution and not be allowed to be overturned by judges ignoring the will of California voters.

Jane Flahive

Penn Valley

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