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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Trust fund dogs (PHOTO GALLERY)

Lorraine Jewett
Special to The Union

Biscuits for Life. A heart-broken Jan Fishler had just put down her faithful 13-year-old Golden Retriever and vowed never to own another dog when she received the phone call. A dear friend had passed away, leaving his two Golden Retrievers fatherless. So Jan trekked to Washington state and brought home Toby and Alice. Jan knew the duo had led privileged lives roaming 10 fenced acres; both had their own leather couch! It wasn’t until Toby and Alice had settled in at Jan’s NevCity home that she learned they were Trust Fund Dogs. Now five years old, Toby and Alice receive a monthly stipend from their former father’s estate, which Jan uses to keep the dogs well fed and cared for. How about another squeaky toy…?

The Map of the South Yuba River designed by Pete Brost is impressive and filled with intricate details. What’s even more remarkable is that Pete created the map on a slab of wood that’s two inches thick, seven feet long, and three feet wide. “The lakes and streams are routed into the wood and inked with blue and turquoise,” Pete explains. “The main river is a deep blue at Lake Spaulding and gradually turns turquoise and emerald as it flows downstream 40 miles to Lake Englebright. One of the reasons for the color change is because of the heavily impacted side streams from historic gold mining activity.” Differing widths of lines burned into the wood mark highways, secondary and gravel roads, and dots denote hiking trails and river rapids. The creation is destined to be a picnic table…

Li’l Town is notorious for its lack of cell phone reception. Communicating with the outside world became even more difficult a few years ago when AT&T removed the only two pay phones in town. But now Washington has a dedicated 9-1-1 telephone at the fire station. “It’s vandal-resistant, with instructions in English and Braille, and a built-in microphone in the fiberglass box,” says fire chief Mike Stewart. “You push the big silver button inside to dial 9-1-1 and get connected to the sheriff’s department. It cost $400, and it wouldn’t have happened without donations from three local residents who are concerned about their town…”

Mike Offered this update on how Washingtonians are handling changes prompted by the coronavirus: “We’re not upset with social distancing. We all but invented it by choosing to live down here. A large majority of our population is happy avoiding society…”

An Argument Against preservatives and additives: When you increase the shelf life of your food, you may decrease the shelf life of your body…

That’s Former Mayor Howard Levine perpetually featured reading a meter embedded in the mural on the back of the Del Oro Theater. Howard was honored with his likeness included in the mural because he helped raise money to create the artwork entitled “Mind Shift,” which was completed in 2009. Howard is incredibly intelligent and a quick learner, so why has he not yet mastered reading that meter? Howard quips, “It’s an old-fashioned meter, and it will literally take me forever…”

Stephanie Adams is inspired by the perfect beauty of imperfection. That’s what she values most in the handmade cups, bowls, and plates that she throws, decorates, and glazes at her NevCity studio. She showcases her work on her website http://www.PicklePottery.com and sells through Etsy and Instagram. Stephanie hopes art lovers who purchase her work feel the love and attention she imbues in each unique piece. “The throwing lines, finger marks when I dip pottery into the glaze, brush stokes while decorating, and my hand-written signature,” Stephanie says. “I feel these ‘imperfections’ give the work its personality…”

Jamal Walker, known for his huge smile and music deejaying abilities, is launching a new project. Jamal is recording a series of interviews and broadcasting them on YouTube and Facebook (search “Jamal Walker The Love Heart Project.”) The shows — which Jamal calls The Love Heart Project — address racial injustice. “I want to give white allies of black- and brown-skinned people a chance to share their love and heart about what they see going on, and by doing this, show that hearts and minds are changing and awakening,” says Jamal. “This is one of my contributions to the struggle for equality…”

Hugs and Handshakes are on hiatus, and some health officials say those gestures may never again be a significant part of our culture. It can be unsettling and create cognitive dissonance when characters in previously filmed TV shows and movies enjoy such simple interpersonal connections…

From Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882), American philosopher and poet: “He who is not every day conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life…”

Share your happy secrets of life at LorraineJewettWrites@gmail.com.

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