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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Raising visibility

Applying for New Insurance saved her life. Test results required by a life insurance application revealed Nicole Carranza has Stage 5 Kidney Failure. The GeeVee woman says she was feeling increasingly weak prior to the May 2018 diagnosis. “I felt like my heart was going to stop and my body was shutting down,” says Nicole. “I ended up in the ICU. I was two days away from having a heart attack.” Doctors believe Nicole suffered kidney problems since childhood; a biopsy reveals her kidneys are now pure scar tissue. Nicole, 27, undergoes nine-hour peritoneal dialysis every night while sleeping. “It’s the only option I have to stay alive without a transplant…”

Nicole Needs a Kidney. “I’m blood type B+ and can only receive a kidney from someone who also has B+ or the universal O blood type,” Nicole explains. “If someone doesn’t have the right blood type but still want to donate to me, they can go through the kidney-paired exchange program which is basically just swapping donors with someone else so both recipients get the proper blood type.” Anyone interested in donating can visit http://www.Health.UCDavis.edu/Transplant and click on Living Donor Questionnaire. With her firefighter husband by her side, Nicole is optimistic. “I’m hoping to get the word out in hopes of finding a donor so that I can live a longer, normal life off dialysis and maybe even have kids in the future…”

As the Paint Dries on the Lola Montez Mural, another is planned in downtown GeeVee. On the back wall of Tri Counties Bank, at 305 Neal St., a new color mural honoring the Nisenan Tribe is planned. Art promoter Haven Caravelli is leading the effort to raise money for the project. Haven and her husband’s company, MEC Builds, has donated $2,000 and Winding Road Imagery donated $1,000. Another $3,000 is needed. Money is one thing; time is another. “We’re soliciting sponsors,” says Haven, “then we have the application to the city, public comment, a presentation to the historical commission, then on to the Design Review Council and planning commission…”

Haven Hopes the mural will help raise the visibility of the Nisenan people, who have lived on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada for more than 10,000 years and continue to live in their homelands today. Well-known muralist Nikila Badua is eager to share the tribe’s story in art. “I’m honored to be able to create something for the Nisenan,” says Nikila, a mixed indigenous artist who lives in NevCity (see her work at http://www.MamaWisdom1.com). “It’s the first time anyone in town has created something to honor the tribe…”

A Few Youngsters, ages 5 to 10, wrote notes of appreciation for “Thank a Police Officer Day” last week. The adorable drawings were posted anonymously at the NevCo Sheriff’s Office substation off Combie Road. “Whether it’s notes like these or someone stopping me in the grocery store to share a great experience they had with a deputy,” says Sheriff Shannan Moon, “we are constantly humbled by our community’s support…”

Some Foods Excel at adding pounds during this pandemic because they are over-achievers: Baked potatoes are merely delivery devices for butter and sour cream, Brussels sprouts do the same for garlic, and popcorn is best served lathered in butter and salt. Already in the know, movie theaters ask if your bag of popcorn needs a few more squirts of butter, and packets of various salt flavors are available by the fistful…

L’il Town Volunteer Fire Department Captain Katy Potter has a new day gig. She’s been a mainstay at Hills Flat for 13 years, and Meeks Lumber before that. Katy has also held an Emergency Medical Technician certification on and off for three decades, which led her to apply for and land a job with the Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital ambulance team. “I was at Hills Flat before they opened the new store, and few people can say that,” says Katy. “I’m going to miss my old customers, but I hope they don’t become my customers in my new job…” 

Katy’s Father, Harry Potter Jr., was not the inspiration for the JK Rowling series of books, although he read the first novel. The real-life Harry, who passed away in 2006, reportedly enjoyed “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” when he read the book in 1997. “Because he was listed in the phone book as Harry Potter, Dad used to get phone calls from kids and he’d talk to them as if he were the character in the book,” says Katy. “And of course his headstone reads ‘Harry Potter,’ so you can sometimes hear kids and adults exclaim when they see it…”

“If You Set Your Goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” — James Cameron, filmmaker, artist, and environmentalist…

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