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Lorraine’s Lowdown: More ‘Cute as a bug’ license plates

Lorraine Jewett
Special to The Union

Football Stars Report Here. There is yet another fabulous fundraiser this month: the inaugural Red Zone Affair, a Sept. 28 benefit for the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County. Special guests are San Francisco 49er alumni. The event is the brainchild of John Paye, the former 49er backup quarterback who enjoyed childhood summers with his grandparents here in NevCo. “I joined the Niners in 1987 and after the first game, I stood with other players on the picket line,” John tells me. “In 1988, we won the Super Bowl. I had the important job of shielding from the opposing team the plays called by Coach Bill Walsh, sent via hand signals from Steve Young to Joe Montana. That was before microphones in helmets, so I was the ‘human shield…’”

More Vanity License Plates: Linda Martin is an eighth-generation Californian, which she has proudly proclaimed on her license plate as “8GenCal” for more than 25 years. Linda even has 8GenCal in the domain name of her email address…

Button or Bug? Laurel Vieaux says some people don’t make that connection and triumphantly proclaim they’ve deciphered her vanity plate as, “Cute as a button!” Nope. Even though there’s no bug in a rug, Laurel points out the make of her car should be enough of a cuteness clue…

AHUGADA is the vanity plate Peg Vielbig chose decades ago when she was teaching, back when Peg says “it was okay to hug kids and I tried to give each student in my class ‘A Hug A Day.’” Peg is generous with hugs: about a decade ago, four young men were sitting near the creek in NevCity as 80-year-old Peg parked nearby. Two approached Peg, who was a tad apprehensive, and one asked what her plate meant. Naturally, Peg explained with a hug. The second man stepped closer, so Peg smiled and gave him a hug. There were smiles all around by the time Peg finished hugging all four. “I walked away with a lump in my throat,” recalls Peg. “I can only hope the incident had the same positive effect on them as it did me…”

Still Hugging. Peg and her husband Joe celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary last week. “A hug a day may have helped with that,” shares Peg, “and smiles help, too…”

Holly Hermansen and Jon Byerrum, NevCo’s former royal couple of education, spent six weeks in Europe traveling on trains using a Eurail Pass (isn’t that what students do during their “gap year”?) Holly and Jon also caught a bike-barge, cycled along the Danube, and hiked in the Alps. Then they were off to Hamburg for the Rotary International Convention. Hollie says, “Castles, cathedrals, cobblestone streets and sidewalk cafes with Aperol Spritz. All in all, a great trip…”

Overworked Restaurateur: “I belong to the janitors’ union, dishwashers’ union, waiters’ union, kitchen workers’ union, and the chefs’ union. If I didn’t own the place, I’d be out on strike…!”

New Recruits to the ranks of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Team are halfway through their 80-hour training program that began mid-August. The program includes seven four-hour weekly classes covering the basics of searching, wilderness navigation, clue awareness, radio communications, helicopter safety, and transporting injured subjects in a litter over rough terrain. Next come two day-long wilderness first aid training sessions culminating with CPR certification, and then two weekends of testing on skills learned during the seven classroom sessions. SAR Volunteer Coordinator Del Clement says, “Many current SAR members attend some of the training to keep their skills fresh…”

Local High School staff and students are thrilled with their new desks, tables, chairs and other furniture purchased by the Nevada Joint Union High School District. More good news: the older furniture has been offered free of charge to other local school districts and nonprofits. Anything left over will be sold at an online public auction (see link at NJUHSD.com). “The new furnishings are multi-functional, adaptable, and easy to rearrange to accommodate different learning styles,” says district superintendent Brett McFadden. “The old furniture was purchased back when Ronald Reagan was president…”

Check Out the New Check Out. Let’s all be patient as our NevCo Libraries implement a new catalog system, which will result in some online services going offline Sept. 11 thru 24. The new catalog system will be live Sept. 25 with a state-of-the-art intuitive search capability, enhancing our ability to find books, eBooks, DVDs, music, and more. Cheers to our libraries! But use your library voice, or someone will dewey decimate you…

Congrats to Lucy Galbraith on her Celebrity Award from Viewbug, an online photograph-sharing community. Over the years, Lucy has received six similar awards, plus 104 Peer Awards and 64 Top Class honors. Lucy and her husband Leon Fletcher are photographers by day (VisionsMultimediaGroup.com) and salsa dance instructors by night (SalsaSierra.com). Lucy’s latest award was for a photo she snapped in the Brunswick Basin in which the sky is bright red. “I call it ‘Red Brunswick’ because of the color and location. The color in the sky blossomed quickly, held for just a few minutes, and then faded,” says Lucy. “And no, I did not alter the color in the photo…”    

Don’t Be Afraid to step outside your comfort zone to make a grand gesture or make a difference. As Napoleon so succinctly put it: “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever…”

Go for the glory and send your happy community news to LorraineJewettWrites@gmail.com

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