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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Kindness all around

Put Away the Boats. A website that explores the histories of various holiday traditions shares this: “Dedicated in honor of the American worker, Labor Day is celebrated with parades. It is the time kids go back to school, families enjoy one last picnic, people close up the pool and put away the boats.” If only…

Where in the World is Rob? That question perplexed Dan and Roxanne Miller for weeks. On the side of the road in their Cypress Hill subdivision, Dan found a bowl and a birthday card with “Rob” written on the envelope. There were big bucks inside! Dan assiduously searched for the owner, reaching out via KNCO radio while Roxanne posted queries online. A member of NextDoor (a social network for neighborhoods) alerted Bob Glanz, whose son was the birthday boy. “My wife, Donna bought the card for our son Rob,” says Bob. “She got the card at Yuba Blue and put $130 in it. But she fell and died suddenly on July 3 before she could give it to Rob for his 49th birthday. I wrote a message to Rob inside the card and gave the card and money to him. He placed it in a stainless steel bowl I had returned to him, put both on the roof of his car, and later drove off…”

Bob, 83-years-young, Is Thankful. “With all the negative portrayals of people these days, it’s good to know there are some really nice people in this town,” Bob says. “Dan is a good man.” “It was clear from the heartfelt message inside that this card was especially important, so I was determined to find its owner,” says Dan, who is also NevCo’s 3rd District Supervisor. Longtime locals may remember Bob as the “Muffin Man” in the ‘90s who delivered baked goods to the courthouse and local businesses; Donna is remembered as a well-respected and accomplished attorney…

This Holiday Weekend marks the (literal) rise of political election signs, as they battle for attention with end-of-summer yard sale signs…

Help Save a Furry Friend. The NevCo Veterinary Disaster Response Team, formed in 1988 during the 49er Fire, needs a mobilization trailer. The trailer will be used to hold planning meetings during disasters and store important supplies such as radios and walkie-talkies, as well as documents such as evacuation route maps. “We are basically a MASH unit and the old trailer is literally falling apart around our ears,” says response team coordinator and veterinary nurse Pat Ehlers. “It would be nice to organize everything in a large trailer rather than me hauling around tables and chairs in the back of my truck.” The response team coordinates animal evacuations during fires and other disasters, then cares for evacuated pets and livestock and ensures those in need receive veterinary care. The group has started a fundraising campaign (http://www.GoFundMe.com, then search “Mobilization Trailer”) as it looks for a used cargo trailer for sale. It’s a dedicated but humble group of volunteers. Says Pat, “We get excited when we receive donations of pitchforks and wheelbarrows…”

A Local Business that Sells Happiness is thriving during this pandemic. Foothill Mercantile in downtown GeeVee sells gifts, candy, greeting cards, housewares and toys all across the US, plus Canada and the Netherlands (http://www.FoothillMercantile.com). After being COVID-limited to curbside deliveries March 23 – May 5, Foothill Mercantile reopened its in-store service. It also ramped up its online presence thanks to a June 1 website development seminar offered by Sierra Commons, a co-working space for entrepreneurs and small biz owners. “My niece put photos of our puzzles, games, science and art kits, and more on our Facebook page,” says owner Sue Amick. “And now we’re adding even more to our website. Business is great and we want to thank our customers for their support…”

Kindness Continues. You read here last week about former GeeVee Mayor Jason Fouyer’s initiative to spread kindness via cute “Nevada County Kind” smiley face stickers — stickers Jason funded out of his own pocket. Grass Valley Blueprint owner Mike Hauser took note and connected with Jason. “He’s paying for them,” says Mike. “I’ll fix that. We do those kinds of things in-house and we will produce them for free.” Jason was pleasantly surprised and responded to Mike’s offer immediately. “I am getting lots of requests for stickers and am almost out,” Jason tells Mike. “I will get you the logo. This is Nevada County Kind..!”

More Kindness. The NevCo Fairgrounds not only welcomed 412 evacuated livestock and pets during the Jones Fire, but the RV Park took in 17 residents who evacuated. “One of the evacuees called me every day, asking for ‘just one more day’ because he didn’t feel safe to go home,” recalls Fairgrounds Deputy Manager Wendy Oaks. “Of course he was welcome. When he left, he told me, ‘It’s so nice to have a port in the storm, and thank you for always being that port.’” Wendy says another local found herself drawn to the fairgrounds even when her evacuation wasn’t mandatory. “She said, ‘I came to the fairgrounds because I didn’t feel safe at home and needed a safe place to go.’ We really are a safe port in a storm,” reflects Wendy, “and we’re proud to serve in that role…”

Firefighters, Too. The fairgrounds also hosted 570 weary and grateful Jones Fire firefighters. “Our gates have been closed since March, but we are here for our community,” says Fairgrounds CEO Patrick Eidman, “serving in times of celebration and in times of need…”

Let’s Put A Local Biz on the National Map. South Fork Vodka, distilled here in NevCo, is in the Top 10 of USA Today’s Best Craft Vodka and Best Craft Distillery competition. Everyone can vote once a day until Sept. 14 (Vodka: rebrand.ly/SouthFork1; and Distillery: rebrand.ly/SouthFork2). There are no cash prizes or trophies, but South Fork Vodka co-owner Dan Kennerson wants to motivate his base: “It’s only for bragging rights, but in our business that’s incredibly important..!”

Consider This from Michael Altshuler, motivational speaker and sales consultant: “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot…”

Pilot your high-flying good news stories to LorraineJewettWrites@gmail.com.

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