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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Growing pains and kissing babies

Lorraine Jewett
Special to The Union

A Friend Admits she sometimes forgets the names of acquaintances, as we all do. “I blame the little old man in my head who keeps track of my mental Rolodex,” she explains. “He’s slow, has arthritis, and takes a long time to reach the right place in my brain. Sometimes, he doesn’t find the right business card there until the middle of the night, and then he wakes me up for that ‘Aha!’ moment after it’s too late…”

Gil Mathew, of Economic Resource Council director of community outreach fame, says his job mandates, “I will kiss babies and wave to you from my float in the parade.” And yes, Mathew is spelled correctly: “My family was so poor we couldn’t afford two Ts, and we lost the S in the war.” Gil has decided he wants an open casket at his funeral. “I never want to miss a party, and everyone knows how much I love being on stage…”

Many People Believe all financial planners are “certified.” Not so. Only those who have fulfilled the Certified Financial Planner™ Board’s rigorous requirements and passed the arduous certification exam can call themselves a CFP® professional. Lucas Mijares, Edward Jones financial advisor in the Taylorville Road office, passed the test with flying colors. Lucas — just 28 years old — is one of only 4,686 financial planners in the world in his age bracket with the CFP® designation. Says Lucas, “Studying when you’re in school is easy. Studying before and after work while raising three children under 5 years old was another ball game…”

Growing Pains. “There are many wonderful people who have moved here over the past six decades,” one old timer recently told me, “but there are just too many of them…”

Which Reminds Me of a tongue-in-cheek local cliché in vogue after the Golden Center freeway connecting GeeVee and NevCity was completed in 1969: “We may need tourists, but they don’t need to stop. They can just drive down the new freeway and throw their money out the car window…”

GeeVee City Council member Jan Arbuckle has been appointed to the National League of Cities’ Public Safety Advocacy Committee and the Board of Women in Municipal Government. Meetings of both entitles are scheduled in Washington, D.C. at the same time, so Jan won’t miss many local City Council meetings. “The travel is taxing,” says Jan, who recently stepped down as prez of the CA League of Cities, “but it’s outweighed by the value of the connections and contacts I make that are so important to Nevada County…”

You Don’t Have to Be a Pro to join the friendly fun games of cribbage at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. The cantina hosts the GeeVee Cribbage Club at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday and fourth Tuesday each month. Voluntary club dues of $5 are collected each evening before play begins. Based on total points from each game, first- through third-place winners receive restaurant gift certificates. Club Prez Lester Nielsen says, “We welcome anyone who is interested in playing or who wants to learn. I will meet early with anyone who would like some refresher practice or lessons…”

Yolanda Cookson, former GeeVee City Council member, has a new gig. As field representative for newly elected CA Assemblywoman Megan Dahle, Yolanda’s region includes NevCo, plus portions of Placer, Plumas, and Sierra Counties. Yolanda says her team is looking for office space in GeeVee or NevCity, and she can be contacted at 916-319-2001. “I am here to help constituents on behalf of the assemblywoman,” says Yolanda, “and the assemblywoman will be in our area several times a month to connect with the community…”

She Loved the Business so much, she bought it. Susan Evans was by no means a gym rat, but she was quickly hooked after she started working out at CrossFit Gold Rush nearly four years ago (http://www.CrossFitGoldRush.com). When the owners approached her about buying the biz, Susan agreed immediately. “It was a perfect fit for me,” says Susan. Her husband, dentist Paul Evans, proudly declares, “My wife is ripped…!”

Sage Wisdom from Winnie the Pooh, who is not such a silly bear after all: “I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been….”

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