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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Fire brings out the friends

By Lorraine Jewett | Special to The Union

When Foster & Son Trucking Was Threatened by the Bennett Fire, a competitor rushed to the rescue. Hansen Bros. sent one of its water trucks to the business, and CEO Jeff Hansen and staff helped beat back the flames. Brian and Ranee Lawson, owners of Foster & Son Trucking, are beyond thankful. “They protected our property and seven personal vehicles of our drivers,” says Ranee. “Our drivers took our trucks to the Hansen rock plant and couldn’t come back. Jeff saved our property and made sure our trucks and drivers were safe.” Jeff says his 12-year-old son Russell helped run the water truck hose to keep the 60-acre fire away from the Foster & Son Trucking site. “They may be competitors, but they are great people and longtime friends,” says Jeff. “It’s just what we do and they would do the same for us…”

Foster & Son Trucking was threatened by the Bennett Fire, but the property was saved in part by a Hansen Bros. water truck and crew.
Submitted to The Union

For Their Altruism and Action, Jeff and his Hansen. Bros team are the latest winners of the Lorraine’s Lowdown Uplift Award, and they will receive one of my home-baked, award-winning cheesecakes. If you want to nominate someone for the Lowdown Uplift Award, please email me at the address at the end of this column…

When Foster & Son Trucking was threatened by the Bennett Fire, Hansen Bros. sent one of its water trucks to the property. CEO Jeff Hansen and staff helped beat back the flames and save the business.
Submitted to The Union

Kudos to the KNCO AM and Star94 FM Team of Tom Fitzsimmons, Dave Bear, Paul Haas, and Pat Day for their hours-long live coverage of the Bennett Fire. Both radio stations are owned by Nevada County Broadcasters, Inc., and Ed Sylvester is one of the company’s proud owners. “That was hometown community coverage at its best!” says Ed. “Dave got a bit close and got soaked by a helicopter water drop…”

Tim Palmer Has Worked in One Building throughout his long career. He started working at the local Lucky’s grocery store when he graduated from high school in 1979. He remained after the store became a Ralph’s, and later, a Safeway (the “Big Safeway” as locals know it). Soon, Tim will leave the building. His last day will be Sept. 23, when the grandfather of seven celebrates his 61st birthday. “I’ve worked almost every job here,” says Tim, who started as a bagger (called service clerks nowadays) then the meat department, janitor, night crew, checker, and lastly, senior produce clerk. “I know all my customers, they know me, and I’ll miss them,” says Tim. “Some of my customers are the third or fourth generation of their family…”

Tim Palmer is retiring as senior produce clerk after working in one building for three different grocery stores since 1979.
Lorraine Jewett

Did Yours Taste Different? The Job’s Daughters corndog booth on Treat Street at the NevCo Fair served corndogs made of turkey dogs this year instead of the usual beef. The dog swap was necessary because Job’s Daughters placed their order for hot dogs late, unsure if the fair was going to happen until just weeks before the event. Beef dogs weren’t available and their cornmeal batter vendor recommended turkey dogs. Another change this year was the price, from $6 to $7 to cover increased costs of supplies such as cups and paper. Still a bargain when you consider the carnies’ corndogs at the midway were $8…

Left with a Plethora of fresh, not frozen, turkey dogs since the Draft Horse Classic has been COVID canceled, the group is making arrangements to donate the dogs to evacuation shelters and/or firefighters…

Happy Birthday to Candie Springer, who turns 87 today. Candie and her husband Ed celebrated her birthday last week with their daughters Leilani, visiting from Las Vegas, and Carla from Ft. Worth. Leilani says it would mean the world to Ed and Candie if their photo were published in The Union, so here ‘tis…

Candie and Ed Springer, right, celebrated Candie’s 87th birthday with their daughters Carla Glesne, left, and Leilani Moinaro Krueger. One of Candie’s birthday wishes was to have her photograph be published in The Union.
Submitted to The Union

Happy Anniversary to Anthony and Charlene Halby, who are celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss. They went to Reno for a LOL event with comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short, where they were joined by three of their five children and five of their eight grandchildren. They continued the festivities at a Garth Brooks tribute band concert at Naggiar Winery, where Anthony regaled friends with a story about one of the couple’s trips to Las Vegas. “Some guys who were obviously recruiting people for timeshare presentations were headed our way,” says Anthony. “Charlene whispered to me, ‘They only want married couples, so say we’re not married.’ When the guys asked if we were married. I admitted, ‘Yes, we are married, but not to each other. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…’”

One of the 50th wedding anniversary celebrations for Anthony and Charlene Halby was attending a concert at Naggiar Winery, where Anthony shared a funny story about fibbing about the couple’s marital status to avoid attending a time share presentation.
Lorraine Jewett

The Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council (NCLFC) hosted an outdoor fundraiser at Naggiar Winery to raise money for local first responders. The 75 guests were enthusiastic and generous, and the council raised about $30,000. Russ and Deborah Wilder not only donated two Mexican Fiesta dinners that raised $5,200, Russ bid $1,700 and won the right to go target shooting with NevCo Sheriff Shannan Moon. GVPD Chief Alex Gammelgard will treat Darrol Tripp to a doughnut and then wash his car after Darrol bid $1,600 for that prize. The top-selling single item was a day on a luxury houseboat at Bullards Bar, donated by Phil Ruble and Mimi Simmons and won by Mike Bratton for $2,400. Fundraisers like that have allowed the NCLFC to donate more than $1 million to local law enforcement and firefighting agencies since its inception in 1999….

Mike and Dana Haemmig created and donated an elaborate wine barrel prize for a Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council fundraiser.
Lorraine Jewett

At Your Service Catering was hired by the NCLFC for its fundraiser. Caterer Katy Orellana and her team were busy in the Naggiar kitchen when NCLFC President Lucas Mijares checked in, because it was time for the buffet to start. Katy assured him it would be ready as scheduled at 6:30 p.m. “It is 6:30,” said Lucas. All eyes turned to the clock on the kitchen wall, which was 15 minutes slow. “Well, in that case, it will be ready in three minutes,” replied Katy. Unflustered, she defied the odds and got’r done. Later, Katy and her staff even boxed up leftovers for guests to take home…

One of the live auction items at a Nevada County Law Enforcement and Fire Protection Council fundraiser was enjoying a doughnut with Grass Valley Police Chief Alex Gammelgard, followed by the chief washing the winner’s car.
Submitted to The Union

“In a Moment of Decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing to do, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” — Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919), American statesman, conservationist, historian, and writer, who served as the 26th U.S. President from 1901 to 1909…

Make that momentous decision and send your happy news to LorraineJewettWrites@gmail.com

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