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Lorraine’s Lowdown: Bringing doom to Scotch Broom

How Awesome are our civic leaders and elected officials? The answer is “very!” GeeVee Mayor Lisa Swarthout barely had time to utter the word “adjourned” at Tuesday’s city council meeting before Hansen Bros. workers leaped into action and installed K-rails downtown. The concrete barriers create a pedestrian mall on a portion of Mill Street that allows restaurants to expand their outdoor dining, now that it’s the only type of sit-down service allowed. Kudos to Hansen Bros. GM/Prez Jeff Hansen and his team. The company even donated some of the K-rails…

The Plan Was Hatched by the downtown association, city council members, and staff. Mayor Lisa says, “We knew we needed to do something to support our downtown businesses that were hit hard by the pandemic. We don’t know how long this latest shutdown is going to last. Our restaurants were just starting to recover with in-person dining. Closing part of Mill Street is a test project that we hope will work, and if so, we may expand the concept elsewhere. We’re asking all businesses to monitor their foot traffic, and we’ll re-evaluate everything in a few weeks…”

Congrats to John Keefe, latest winner of Lorraine’s Lowdown Uplift Award. John was nominated by Debbie Ireland, who has long admired John’s dedication to eradicating pernicious Scotch Broom weeds. John organizes an annual Broom Pull Team one weekend every April at the Thiesen Trail in the Adam Ryan Preserve, in addition to spending long solo hours yanking out the nasty stuff. John also volunteers for the Alta Sierra Property Owners Association’s annual Yard Waste Disposal weekends. He completed the Fire Safe Council’s Defensible Space Advisor Training Program, in part to help property owners acquire or renew fire insurance. John explains, “I conduct about two dozen inspections annually for residents interested in making their property more defensible in the event of wildfire.” To top it off, John is President of the Gold Country Cal Alumni Association, which awards scholarships to NevCo high school grads planning to attend UC Berkeley…

Lowdown Uplift Award Winners receive a cheesecake, made from my award-winning family recipe in their choice of one among two dozen flavors. If dietary restrictions preclude that decadent delicacy, I assemble an assortment of whimsical gifts and trinkets. It’s just for fun and a chance to recognize good people doing great things. Please send your nominations to the email address at the end of this column…

A Newlywed Friend was discussing on-going negotiations with her husband regarding the number of children they plan to have. “He wants to have four kids, but I only want two children,” she explained, “so we’re going to compromise at two…”

Proud Parents. William “Billy” Zabka’s TV series “Cobra Kai” is making the big leap from YouTube Premium to Netflix for its third season. The news broke in Hollywood 36 years to the day after the premiere of the first “Karate Kid” film. In “Cobra Kai,” Ralph Macchio and William Zabka reprise their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, respectively, from the three-film “Karate Kid” franchise. Billy’s parents, Stan and Nancy Zabka, live in Alta Sierra. “It’s so gratifying to see Billy attain the successes he has and the friends he has made in the challenging art of filmmaking,” says Stan. “And yes, his momma and poppa are justly proud of him…”

These Folks Probably Spent A Lot of Time in school detention for talking back. To curb the coronavirus, one of the governor’s mandates limits the size of social gatherings. Some folks are sidestepping the mandate by renaming their parties and parades as peaceful protests…

Save Money, Hassles, and Perhaps Lives. Our local CHP heroes are doing their part to keep river access safe; let’s do ours. “Some people park illegally in the roadway at river crossings, which interferes with emergency access,” says GeeVee CHP Commander George Stephenson. “Over the 4th of July weekend, eight cars were towed and nine citations were issued at various river crossings.” Parking courteously and legally maintains emergency vehicle access, which may save a life. George adds, “Ensure your parking does not interfere with regular and disabled access points to our beautiful recreation spots. They are for everyone to enjoy…”

From Mark Twain, aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835-1910), writer, humorist, and lecturer: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why…”

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