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Lorraine’s Lowdown: A good time to resurrect something fun

Lorraine Jewett

Remember when The Union had a column devoted to who was doing what with whom in our community? It was a place to turn for good news about pampered pets, comings and goings, budding romance, nostalgic reflection, and just about anything warm and fuzzy.

Let’s resurrect it. And let’s make it fun for everyone.

I want to hear from you: individuals, nonprofits, businesses … everyone has a story to share.

Have a special event scheduled that will benefit others? Let’s promote it.

Did you attend a function that warmed your heart? Spread the good news.

Is there someone who needs a helping hand? Let’s reach out.

Do you know people who don’t toot their own horn, but could play a song’s wind section all by themselves because they’re that generous, unique, and/or compassionate? This column can recognize their contributions in a respectful and meaningful way.

Is this a “society” column? Dear no. I can almost hear the chiding, “I don’t want to read about high society!” I contend every one of us is part of this loving, generous society we call western Nevada County.

Hopefully, this column will be a fun read about Nevada County’s glitterati doing what they do at glamorous gathering places. Feed me news of your fabulous fundraisers, posh parties and generous giving.

Speaking of which, have you heard about “The Steer That Keeps On Giving”? You may have read in these pages that the fair’s Junior Livestock and Ag Mechanics auctions raised a record-setting $670,000 for local youth in agriculture. That’s a 15 percent increase over last year, according to number-crunching Fairgrounds Deputy Manager Patrick Eidman.

You may not yet know that Bart Riebe took a break from running his gazillion auto parts stores to purchase a market hog and steer, which he then donated back to be raffled off to raise even more money.

Marty “Never Bored with Board Meetings” Lombardi won half the steer and donated it to a new raffle to raise money for Nevada Union’s Strength and Conditioning Center. At $20 per ticket, there are 500 chances available. The $3,500 worth of beef, cut and wrapped, will be delivered to the lucky winner in a 10-cubic foot freezer generously donated by Hills Flat Lumber …

Welcome to Jason Galkin, who is the new Nevada County Superior Court Executive Officer. Best wishes to Sean Metroka, who retired from that position last week after more than 18 years with our local court system.

Metroka earned the respect of those who don black robes at the courthouse, as well as a grateful nation. Metroka served with the U.S. Marine Corps for 32 years, including a deployment to Kuwait (2002) and two tours of Iraq (2003 and 2006). The man is as comfortable coordinating long-range artillery strikes as he is wearing his trademark bow tie, of which he owns 92.

Says Metroka, “Once I found out how easy it is to buy bow ties on the internet, I guess I got a little carried away.”

Speaking of veterans, Chris LaCentra has launched “GI Junk and Salvage,” which prioritizes hiring veterans and donating accumulated goods to veterans and those in need. The Lake Wildwood resident, a former Hollywood stunt man and Navy and Army veteran, bought a truck with his life savings and plans to prove “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” According to LaCentra, “I haul televisions, couches, dishes, and all the things needed to restart a life. On a weekly basis, I pull in enough things to furnish an entire home.”

Musings from Tom O’Toole, who could find humor coloring with crayons the expensive BancNote paper he peddles: Nevada County has its own monarchy since Sheriff Keith and wife Jeanette are known as The Royals…. As the holiday season approaches, you ought to have your oven checked out because you don’t want to go into the season cold turkey … Are the fleet of vehicles at the Beam Easy Living Center referred to as “Beamers”?

From Globe-Trotting, Camera-Toting, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Board President Ed Sylvester: The hospital leadership team, our community, and the hospital’s foundation together have raised more than $23-million in local capital to refurbish the hospital’s emergency room, infusion center, lobby, and other projects at our community-owned, coveted primary care facility …

A few emotional tears were shed at the 60th anniversary gala of Ed and Barbara Thomas held at the Nevada City Winery. The secret to six decades of wedded bliss? “Love, family, commitment, and community involvement,” said Ed. “And never getting divorced,” chimed in Barbara …

The Center for the Arts has raised a half-million dollars for the expansion and renovation of The Center’s performing arts building. That’s cash dollars, not pledges, confirms Center Executive Director Amber Jo Manuel. And thanks to a loan approved by River Valley Bank, construction starts Monday!

Here’s your sneak peak of The Center’s Oct. 12 “A Hollywood Ball.” The swanky black tie affair will boast cocktails, dinner, dessert, live auction, and a chic After Party. Says Manuel: “We hope to sell 280 tickets to sell out the dinner, so sweet talk those who get a table early if you want to get in!” This money-raising maven added that The Center hopes to net $60K from this inaugural event …

Congratulations to Ray “Got to Get Over My Fear of Advertising” Byers and his professional team for their recognition by Solar Power World magazine as one of 2018’s Top Solar Contractors in Northern California …

That’s all for this column. Please let me hear from YOU! If there is such a thing for email addresses, please put mine on speed dial (see below).

Let’s head down this path together.

Lorraine Jewett is a freelance writer who sincerely hopes you’ll contact her at LorraineJewettWrites@gmail.com.

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