Your Health: Grass Valley’s new pot clinic |

Your Health: Grass Valley’s new pot clinic

The decor in one of Grass Valley’s newest medical clinics can be charitably described as Spartan. Sunlight reflects off of white walls and plain carpet in the two-week-old CannaMetrix office on East Main Street.

But a deep compassion for patients flourishes within the dispassionate surroundings, the clinic’s manager said.

Billing it as a low-priced alternative for medical marijuana patients hoping to legalize their treatment, clinic manager Cindy Griffith said the staff and physicians are sensitive to their patients’ needs.

“We want to bring choice to Nevada County’s residents,” said Griffith. “They have to be able to afford access. They have to be able to afford to be legal.”

She estimated thousands of Nevada County residents use marijuana medically; just a handful have received county-supplied identification cards, which are not required by law.

Some of the 35 patients at the fledgling clinic – it started up earlier this month – have used CannaMetrix’s $120 visits to get legal medical marijuana recommendations, Griffith said.

But an animated Griffith insists CannaMetrix isn’t a “script mill.”

Patients looking to pass off a trumped-up malady to justify legal recreational possession need not visit, she said.

“This isn’t a fly-by-night operation,” Griffith said. “Our licensed physicians require valid documentation of a pre-existing medical condition to even qualify for an appointment.”

Most patients are looking for recommendations to supplement their existing pain-control medication, or to help them sleep without the use of prescription pills, Griffith said.

The clinic assists patients in navigating the medical marijuana system, including providing round-the-clock patient verification in the event a patient is questioned by law enforcement about possession of marijuana.

Five doctors work out of the office, which screens patients and provides medical marijuana recommendations to those who qualify. The new clinic is not a dispensary, which cannot operate inside Grass Valley city limits due to a moratorium.

The issue of opening dispensaries came before all three local governments last year, sparked by an application to open one in Nevada City. Leaders there eventually voted to ban dispensaries, after heated public debate. Nevada County also has a moratorium on dispensaries; the nearest shop is in Colfax, in Placer County.

The clinic is targeting residents on fixed incomes and veterans, Griffith said, who often have difficulty justifying the costs of a visit to a doctor.

“We’re here to serve the community and don’t want to see patients run afoul of the law,” Griffith said.

The clinic is located at 1117 E. Main Street in Grass Valley. For information, call (530) 575-1532.

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