You wanted change – you got change |

You wanted change – you got change

If you’ve been keeping up with what’s been happening, you may be having some doubts about our state and federal elected “leaders.”

Our great state is bankrupt and our country soon will be. Our president, congressmen, senators and state representatives have apparently lost touch with us. They are all pushing a self-serving agenda and refuse to listen to the vast majority of Americans.

They spend our tax dollars without really knowing what they’re spending them on, they try to force legislation on us without even reading the proposals or even thinking about the consequences of their folly. They have become so arrogant that they dismiss our protests as being meaningless. Our enemies are emboldened by our president’s lack of resolve and our allies are wondering where our country is headed.

The efforts by this administration, aided by a willing Congress, to recover our economy have been lame except to grow our deficit exponentially. Unemployment is at record levels yet they talk of raising taxes, which historically, has worsened our economy.

Many of you may have voted for “change” but is this the change you had in mind? Please remember what has happened and vote accordingly next year.

Richard Panzica

Penn Valley

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