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WWII Love Letters: Claude was worried about his wife’s personal safety

Editor’s Note: In this letter from Claude E. Dawson to his stateside wife, Nadine, he describes his off-hours activities in Australia. Turns out he was an avid reader of the Oakland Tribune, and deeply concerned about his wife’s personal safety in his absence.

The Union hopes to return these letters to a relative of the Dawsons. Anyone with information can contact us at tkleist@theunion.com or call 477-4230. For a history of the letters (they turned up at a local thrift store) and to read previous ones, visit http://www.theunion.com.

(envelope dated July 21, 1944)

My Darling:

This is our 4th wedding anniversary, we usually celebrated in some way. But our celebration this year (and I hope & believe the last) is to be made individually. I think of you many times a day, and even talk to you when I’m alone.

The weather here is nice during the day but cold as the devil in the morning and nighttime. Right now I’m lying in bed while I write as it is to cold to sit up. I went to the Red Cross last night and heard a wonderful Navy band. They really played hot music, also had a sandwich and cake. I weighed myself twice and both times the scale said 193, pretty good, huh. I’m hope I’m even lighter when I get home, then I can eat all I want without you giving me the eye. We heard today that the Japanese Cabinet resigned, which looks darn good for us. Maybe the damn fools will finally choke on what they hit off. I’m sure dying to get your first letter. It seems to me I’ve been gone for 6 mo. and have all the news during that time to catch up on.

The fellows I work with are really swell. The work is entirely different to what I had been doing before, but there’s not the slightest bit of criticizm because (we, the new fellows have to be taught. The hours aren’t bad, 8 to 4:15, hour for lunch; 8 to 12 midnight on day a week; every other week end off. When I arrived I had an awful mess of dirty clothes, as we couldn’t wash on board due to salt water. I sent them out and got them back today. The charges was only ¸ lb. (20 schillings) or approximately $1.60 in our money. A schilling is 16 (cent symbol), a pound (pound symbol) $3.20.

I haven’t seen any kangaroos yet and guess I won’t see any until we go to Fleischaker Zoo when I get home. I read where Barnum & Bailey burned down, what a terrible loss that was. Did I tell you in my last letter that traffic (vehicle & pedestrian) go down the left hand side of the street. Can you imagine what would happen in the city if this law were invoked? Catastrophe! I told you before that I’m able to get to a piano occasionally and it sure seems swell. At least I can keep on what I already know.

The chief where I’m quartered with is from Portland. His name is Larry Supone. He said he knew some Henry’s but not your family. Small word isn’t it. There are two fellows I work with named Britain, one HB & the other BH. They never met before coming here.

I see Joe once in a while he’s the same “old Joe” but thank goodness I’m not bothered with him, he’s still ” scheweling”.

Be sure and keep me posted on everything from Oakland to Portland to Chicago to S.F. and don’t forget the Tribune.

I will close now, hoping constantly that our next Wedding Anniversary will be spent together.

Your husband

I love you


P.S. Don’t forget to:

Send the insurance;

Draw the water off the heater (have Mrs. Meehan show you how);

Oil the refrigerator

Turn off the oven in the mornings;

Put the night latch on at night;

Not to open the door without the night latch being on.

Give my love to all

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