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WWII letters: Claude tells Nadine to ‘take it easy’ at her restaurant

Editor’s Note: In this letter, Claude Dawson has been transferred to the Philippines, promoted to chief and worries that his wife, Nadine, would work too hard if she were to buy a restaurant she’s interested in. For background on how The Union came to have these letters written by a homesick sailor, visit http://www.theunion.com and click on the WWII Love Letters icon.

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Dearest Honeygirls:

What a surprise you gave me today about buying the little restaurant. I know you’ve wanted to do something of that type for a long time and so long as you’ve already taken the initial there’s nothing to do but to give you all my moral support. I hope it won’t be too hard, you’ll have to get up awfully early and work all day. But you try it out and if you find you don’t like you can quit. I really don’t like to see you work so hard when you could actually be at home. But Darling if you’ll be happy there its OK with me. Now you will have to get me employers numbers and also be sure to get any numbers of people who work for you and your partner.

I was certainly surprised to hear that Virginia was in the restaurant business. Too bad they didn’t do something like that years ago.

I guess Maudie will be going home soon and be sure to tell her to hurry back, as I think she will as she indicated that in one of her letters.

With you and Louise both leaving they will really be hard up for help. You two have the experience that can’t be passed on to new help. I imagine Mory will eventually have to take the job.

You didn’t say whether Don enjoyed the records or not. And did he get there for dinner?

I had a nice letter from Auntie telling me all about Clara’s funeral.

Also telling all the Lakeshore gossip. By her handwriting you would judge she is about 50 years old. Will enclose the letter for you.

I certainly hope that fellow sends me that bracelet for Fifi. If he doesn’t send it soon I’ll write to him.

Getting a little more used to it around here now. In a way weather is about the same so far as the heat is concerned, but it rains about 10 times more. I’m using a mosquito netting to sleep under now as the mosquitoes are terrible here. The food is still holding up. Today we had chicken & ice cream for lunch.

The natives have cock fights on Sunday. I can’t go tomorrow as I have to work but will try to go the first Sunday I’m off.

There showing “Girl Crazy” at the show tonight, don’t know whether I will go or not. Much rather go over to the Mess Hall and sit around. Which I will probably do.

Sure hope that “Time” gets on the ball. I get tired borrowing someone else’s copy.

Well Darling on April 1 ten months will have elapsed of my 18 months. Which means that I’m on the “home stretch.” Maybe something unforeseen will occur and lots of us will get to come home before the 18 months is up.

Woolfson is supposed to go up for chief soon, its scuttlebut but I’m inclined to believe it is true as he was due the same time as me. Its incredible that I will have been chief 4 months at the end of this month.

Well precious thats about all the news for now, and please don’t work too hard. I’ll promis you that I’m fully in accord with your buying the restaurant if you’ll promise to take it easy as possible and if you don’t like it, quit.

I wish you would do what I said about seeing Miss Moriarty of the State Agency.

You didn’t comment on that from my last letter.

I love you


P.S. Give my love to Maudie

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