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WWII Letters: Claude confesses he’s happy Nadine didn’t buy restaurant

Editor’s Note: In this letter, Claude Dawson expresses his relief that his wife, Nadine, has dropped her idea of buying a restaurant. It appears Nadine is headed to Portland, Ore., with a relative. Some readers have found documents linking the family to Oregon, but the relationship is unclear.

We also learn that Claude enjoys classical music, but not Mae West, and he refers to problems experienced by “Warren,” perhaps the maternal uncle who raised him.

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Philippine Islands

21 March 1945

Dearest Little Wife:

Today I received your letter saying that you weren’t going to buy the place and there are no words to express how happy it made me. I didn’t want to hurt your little feelings before cause I knew your heart was set on something like that.

And then to hear that you were going North with your Mamamama made it all the better. That will be the best thing in the world for you. I certainly wish we were going up there together. I know you will have a wonderful time. You have nothing in the world to worry about, and to top that you have all the money you want and need to spend. You had better draw out the money in Bank Drafts and just cash them as you need them. Be sure to send me the white Salmon address when you leave Sissies. I have Sissies address. I, too, had a feeling of relief, just like you, when you explained how it felt to be out. I had an awful foolish idea about wanting you to stay there until I got home.

But we learn things every day. I can’t tell you Darling how perfectly glad I am with your plans. Have a wonderful time. Glad you liked your little present and it couldn’t have arrived at a more appropriate, fortunate time, could it?

There showing that May West picture, “the Heats On”, tonight, I walked out on it down in N.G. therefore I’m here in the Mess Hall tonight.

Just got thru taking a shower and shave so feel pretty cleaned up. Tomorrow is Easter and it was just 6 years ago that we had such a wonderful Sunday: Remember church, and dinner and then Pat’s wedding party.

Altogether I received 3 letters from you today, one real old one dated 3-4, the others were dated 3-21 and 3-22. Glad you gave Don those clothes as he will probably be able to get some use out of them. Did he enjoy the records? You should have had him check over the radio while he was there and make recommendations in case the tubes go out. We’ve certainly been lucky with that radio, haven’t we. That was too bad about Mildred, she seems to have a very unlucky streak, but I bet she will never become sour.

Before I forget: Don’t you forget to detach all the plugs in the house before you leave, mainly the Frigerator and radio.

Sure glad you got the 6th of Shortachmitch. Someday I would like to have a nice big record cabinet. If you want to give me a real treat get me the “Arch Duke” trio of Beethoven on Victor. I believe its in Bb. Keep your eyes open for that Sauis Ð Soeus 4th (Piano) in Cm. I guess Louisseee is as happy to be out as you are and I’m glad for her. Isn’t she taking an awful chance going north without a place to stay and a little baby in arms?

Isabel’s condition doesn’t sound very good does it? I’m glad Dell put herself out to stay with Warren, at least until they find out what will be done about Isabel. Poor Warren he seems to get the worst of everything. Weill close now Darling.

Let me know when to change to Sissie’s address. Also make arrangements to have any letters that might come after you leave forwarded to Portland. Again let me say how wonderful it is that your not going to buy that place and instead going North with your Mamamama.

I love you,


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