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Wildwood Ridge to face supervisors

A proposed development near Lake Wildwood would offer more than double the open space originally planned, recreation facilities and a range of housing styles, according to plans approved by the Nevada County Planning Commission.

The Wildwood Ridge Phases 2-4 plan will go before the county Board of Supervisors at 1:45 p.m. Feb. 14. Supervisors will be asked to approve rezoning of the property to increase the open space from about 30 to 80 acres.

Supervisors also will be asked to approve the development agreement reached between planners and Los Angeles-based S&Y Capital Group LLC.

Project architect Lee Iverson of Portland, Ore., said his design strives to take into account the natural surroundings and the needs of the people who would live there.

The plan calls for a large, grassy area along a central swath of the property, cut by trails that would connect to the Phase I area. Much of the open area contains slopes that are too steep for building.

At the center of the development would be a recreation area, which could have a meeting room, picnic areas, barbecue pits and tennis courts. However, the exact location and type of facilities have not been decided.

Four different lot sizes would create diversity by letting people buy in at different price ranges, Iverson said.

When Iverson presented his plans to planning commissioners Jan. 19, he described the residents as retirees zipping along the paved trails in golf carts, baby boomers with time to travel and stroller moms enjoying the mini-parks.

“We’ve always had the people and natural conditions (of the land) be the driving elements of any development we do,” said the architect, who has designed several communities in the Pacific states.

Iverson said his designs emphasize diversity and creating a space that lets them walk, talk and connect to each other. That would create a healthier community where people could visit friends without driving and use their cars less.


Four types of lots to be offered

Lee Iverson, of Iverson Architects in Portland, Ore., is working with the developer of the Wildwood Ridge Phases 2-4 to design four different types of lots that would be offered on the 206-acre property just north of Lake Wildwood.

• Type A: Seventy-four lots of 5,000 square feet with houses of 1,200 to 2,000 square feet in size. Individual houses would be built in clusters, with fronts facing a common sidewalk or green space. Garage doors would be on the rear, facing a common driveway. Small parks would be arranged within these clusters. Iverson showed samples of cute wood-frame buildings close together.

• Type B: One-hundred-and-twenty-seven lots of 7,000 square feet with houses larger than Type A that would face the street in traditional suburban fashion. Type B lots would be on slightly steeper terrain and surround the clusters of Type A lots. Both are placed at the southern and eastern edges of the development nearest to Lake Wildwood homes, and in the northwestern section. Iverson showed samples of stucco and wood-frame styles that resemble newer homes in suburban California, but with larger front porches.

• Type C: One-hundred-and-thirteen lots of 12,000 or more square feet with larger houses. Iverson compared this area to the Morgan Ranch development, and showed samples with similar architecture. These lots would be on the edge of the Type B areas.

• Type D: Thirty-eight custom lots ranging in size from 0.6 acre to more than 1 acre. These would be built on lots with more steep terrain. These and the Type C lots would, in most areas, be at the edges of the large open spaces planned along the center of the property, buffering the transition from the denser areas of the A and B lots. At a presentation before the county Planning Commission, Iverson showed sample architecture resembling new houses on Banner Mountain, which currently are selling for more than $1 million.

• Low-income and very-low-income units: The plan currently calls for 26 of the existing lots to have a 500-square-foot rental unit built above the garage. Five more smaller lots would have duplexes built instead of single-family homes, to provide 10 additional units for low-income rental housing. Developer Brian Masterman, of S&Y Capital Group LLC, said he would try to find another way to provide more low-income housing with larger living areas.


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