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Why all the mudslinging?

Ever since the Greek and Roman times, candidates resorted to name calling and lying about each other. Even during Abraham Lincoln’s time, there were vicious cartoons in newspapers spewing lies, and it still goes on today.

After five decades of voting, I believe that it’s now worse than it has ever been. We have become an extremely polarized nation. Both major political parties are guilty. Why? Because, we the voters have let them. We haven’t cared who wins as long as it’s our party. We haven’t taken the time to examine the records of incumbents and we haven’t looked at the promises that candidates make. Are these promises realistic or are they just saying something that they hope will get them elected or re-elected? You already know the answer to that one.

I have observed that as the losing side gets frustrated by seeing themselves as losing, they turn to attacking their opponent with everything and anything that will besmirch their opposition. Issues are not to be heard again.

That’s what’s happening today. Who’s winning? Candidates who express support for the mission statement of the Tea Party Patriots; fiscal responsibility, limited government, free markets, respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and a government that answers to the people.

Neither side of the political spectrum is willing to reach across the aisle and try to work together for the betterment of our country. Liberals will be liberals and conservatives will be conservatives.

The great change is taking place in the middle, which is now moving strongly to the right. That’s not just my opinion; read the polls for yourself. That’s where elections are won and lost. Most recently it happened with President Bush and now it’s happening with President Obama.

I don’t have an answer to this problem, except to say the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots have tried to work with all political parties because we are nonpartisan, regardless of the outright lies that are told about us. The people who have written and said these lies have been invited to meet with me and I will be happy to discuss the real Tea Party Patriots, not the fictional one they create.

This election appears to be headed toward a major change in the direction of our government, but nothing is for sure until the last ballots are counted. Nov. 2 may be another turning point in our long history. One way or the other, it can only happen with your vote.

Though we cannot endorse or oppose any candidate, we can suggest that you vote for the candidates and propositions that have your values and same vision that you have for our magnificent country.

Please vote.

Stan Meckler is president of Nevada County Tea Party Patriots.

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