Voter’s Choice Act update: Madera County certified its vote Tuesday; Nevada County looking to certify Thursday or Friday |

Voter’s Choice Act update: Madera County certified its vote Tuesday; Nevada County looking to certify Thursday or Friday

The June 5 election for Nevada County is over.

Elections officials on Wednesday released their official vote tally. They anticipate certifying the June 5 election today or Friday.

“As far as I’m concerned, the vote has been tabulated,” said Teal Caddy, clerk-recorder assistant II.

Nevada County was one of five counties that implemented the Voter’s Choice Act. The act meant every registered voter in those counties — Nevada, Sacramento, Napa, Madera and San Mateo — received a ballot by mail. They could mail back their completed ballot, deliver it to one of several drop-off spots or bring it to a vote center. They also could vote in person at any one of seven vote centers.

Nevada County tallied 16,346 ballots on election night. They estimated that week they had about 15,000 uncounted ballots.

On June 11 the county had tallied 21,768 votes. That number climbed to 36,027 votes on June 14. On Tuesday officials had raised that vote tally to 36,981, and on Wednesday — the official vote tally — it reached 38,792 votes.

Nevada County’s turnout is 57.03 percent.


Sacramento County counted 124,609 ballots on June 5. It had an estimated 219,000 uncounted that night, said Paige Bedegrew, Sacramento County communication and media officer, in an email.

The county had tallied about 248,826 votes by June 7; around 303,045 by June 12; about 360,953 by June 15; and some 401,081 on Tuesday.

The county on Wednesday had about 4,620 uncounted ballots. Its next update is scheduled for 4 p.m. Friday, Bedegrew said.


Napa County tallied 15,091 votes on election night. John Tuteur, registrar of voters, estimated days later that he had about 15,000 to 20,000 uncounted votes.

On June 8 the number of votes counted grew to 16,769. On June 11 it had 22,703 votes counted. The next day it had 29,833 votes tallied. Its most recent count happened June 13, with 35,959 votes, Tuteur said in an email.

Officials have about another 1,550 votes to count before Napa County’s vote is certified next week, he added.


Madera County counted 18,258 ballots on June 5. Officials estimated then they had about 6,000 uncounted ballots.

On June 8 officials had tallied 22,247 votes; that number rose to 24,062 votes on June 15; and to 24,211 on Monday. Madera County certified its vote Tuesday.

San Mateo

San Mateo counted 74,513 votes on election night, estimating it had almost 55,600 left to count.

It’s updated voters four times since June 5 — on June 7 it had tallied a total of 83,235 ballots; June 12, a total of 105,091 ballots; Friday, 120,275 ballots; and Wednesday, 165,797 ballots, said Mark Church, the county’s assessor-county clerk-recorder and chief elections officer, in an email.

About 3,000 ballots remain to be counted. A fifth update is scheduled for today. Additional updates will occur every day, until all ballots are counted, he added.

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