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U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa appears headed to 4th term, loses Nevada County

Doug LaMalfa.
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Republican U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa looked toward winning a fourth term with Tuesday’s preliminary results, though for the first time he was on track to lose Nevada County.

LaMalfa in early vote tallies took 77,790 votes district-wide to Democrat Audrey Denney’s 60,167, or 56.4 to 43.6 percent.

“I’m happy with them,” LaMalfa said of the preliminary results. “Those are good numbers, especially given the climate right now.”

LaMalfa has previously won every county in the 1st Congressional District in his previous three elections to the U.S. House of Representatives. The district is composed of the northeastern part of the state and includes a large part of Nevada County. This election would be the first time he lost Nevada County.

Denney in Tuesday’s first vote tally took Nevada County, 10,326 to 9,721 votes — 51.51 to 48.49 percent.

“It’s always been close to a 50-50 county,” LaMalfa said.

All votes haven’t been counted. Tuesday’s results are incomplete and unofficial.

Denney couldn’t be reached for comment.

LaMalfa in a forum said voters could look to his record to learn about him. A supporter of President Donald Trump, LaMalfa opposes the Affordable Care Act. He said it’s increased prices and reduced choice.

LaMalfa also opposes recreational marijuana, and wouldn’t want it removed as a Schedule I drug. He said a formal process should exist for those who need medicinal cannabis.

Denney in her campaign pointed to her main issues: health care, education, improving forest health, removing money from politics and protecting Social Security. She said people should recognize that the Affordable Care Act has helped people and stop making partisan attacks against it.

Concerning cannabis, Denney said people should treat it as an agricultural product. She wants it removed as a Schedule I drug.

LaMalfa said Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives, which appeared likely late Tuesday, would change the national conversation.

“We’ll have to be at the table a little bit more instead of this resistance all the time,” LaMalfa said.

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