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Timelines: Test your knowledge of Nevada County history

Today’s Timelines features questions of a general trivial nature, with an emphasis on fire departments.

1. In the November 1856 presidential election, Nevada City polled 2,081 votes. This number was the (a) third-, (b) second- or (c) fifth-highest number cast in California.

2. Nevada City’s chapter of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus is numbered (a) 36, (b) 10 or (c) 8591.

3. Grass Valley’s fire department is (a) older or (b) younger than Nevada City’s fire department.

4. Which was not the name of a Grass Valley fire company: (a) Tiger Hook, Ladder and Bucket Co. No. 1, (b) Eureka Hose Co. No. 2 or (c) Eagle Hose Co. No. 2.

5. Which was not the name of a Nevada City fire company: (a) Eureka Hose Co. No. 2, (b) Pennsylvania Engine Co. No. 2 or (c) Protection Hook & Ladder No. 1.


1. (a) Third. Only San Francisco and Sacramento cast more votes. It is interesting to note that the “cow counties” of the south (e.g., Los Angeles) were just that. Cattle roamed everywhere and outnumbered people until the great influx from the East and Midwest from the 1870s onward.

2. (b) 10. This was the original number of the Wm. Bull Meek chapter until it combined in 1962 with the Wm. Morris Stewart chapter No. 8591, and the combined chapter remained No. 10.

3. (a) Older. Grass Valley’s first regular company was organized June 7, 1858, and was known as Grass Valley Fire Hook and Ladder Co. There was a previous company formed in 1853, which existed about a year and disbanded prior to any major fire. Nevada City’s Nevada Hose Co. No. 1 was organized almost exactly two years later on June 12, 1860.

4. All are former or present names.

5. All are former or present names.

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