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Timelines: Test your knowledge of Nevada County history

Let’s take a look at some Grass Valley and Nevada City street names within each city’s limits. There are a number of streets in both towns with the same name. Many were named for the same person and many were just generic, e.g. Main Street, because it was just that!

1. Which of the following set of street names does not belong, and why? (a) Kidder and Kidder, (b) Bennett and Bennett or (c) Maidu Lane and Maidu Lane.

2. True or false: All the following are named for real people: (a) Kate Hayes Street, (b) Helling Way and (c) Max Solaro Drive?

3. Which of the following set of streets names is incorrect: (a) North Pine and South Pine, (b) East Main and West Main or (c) East Broad and West Broad.

Let’s look at a couple of street names outside the city limits.

4. Bitney Springs Road off Rough and Ready Highway in rural Grass Valley was once called (a) Beckman Hill Road, (b) North Benton Way or (c) Newton Cross.

5. Forsmans Place off Ridge Road in rural Nevada City is named to honor (a) Sir Percy Forsman, who panned for gold on Deer Creek and was later knighted by Queen Victoria; (b) Three Fingered Irving Forsman, a notorious 19th century stagecoach bandit; or (c) Fred C. Forsman, who owns the road.


1. (c) One Maidu Lane is within the Nevada City limits and leads to Rood Administrative Center, the other is in the unincorporated area off the Nevada City Highway near Town Talk.

2. True. Kate Hayes (GV) was a 19th century entertainer, Madelyn Helling (NC) was a longtime county librarian, and Max Solaro (NC) was a police officer.

3. All are correct. (a) in Nevada City, (b) in Grass Valley and (c) Nevada City.

4. (a) Beckman Hill Road changed to honor Bitney Springs.

5. (c) Fred C. Forsman, local actor and retired kindergarten teacher. Percy Forsman was never knighted, and Three-Fingered Irving was a fictional character in a melodrama.

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