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Do we ever run out or tire of nostalgia? Probably, if we take to heart the Merriam-Webster definition: “A wistful or excessively sentimental sometimes abnormal yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition.” I’ve heard nostalgia described as a security blanket or a warm fuzzy. However you view it or whatever you call it, it’s still fun, most of the time. Let’s indulge in a little of it.

1. In 1969, regular leaded gasoline per gallon at Smokey’s service station on the Plaza in Nevada City sold for (a) 35.9 cents, (b) 45.9 cents or (c) 26.9 cents.

2. Next door, at the Old Brewery, a full-course Chinese plate dinner cost (a) $2.50, (b) $3.50 or (c) $1.25.

3. On up Broad Street at the National Hotel, Dick Worth would rent you a single-occupancy room per night without bath for (a) $8, (b) $15 or (c) $12.50.

4. In 1969, how many tonsorial parlors were there in downtown Nevada City?

5. Again, in 1969. What was the name of Nevada City’s city manager?

1. (c) 26.9 cents. Of course, it’s all relative; a mixed drink was 50 cents at most watering holes.

2. (c) $1.25, and it included soup du jour.

3. (a) $8, if he had one available. Monthly rent upstairs at the Bank Club at Pine and Broad was between $45 and $55; tenants were mainly pensioners in single rooms with a bath down the hall.

4. Do you mean “barber shops?” Of course. There were three; today there are none.

On Broad in the 300 block was Frank Carocelli; down the street just below the present Mine Shaft Saloon was Howard Wilcox; and on Pine, south of Broad on the west side, was Pepper’s Shop.

5. Same as today, Beryl P. Robinson Jr., who will retire April 30 after nearly 38 years on the job, the longest tenure in California.

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