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TIMELINES! 25 Years ago in Nevada County

Ahoy TIMELINERS! Today TIMELINES! brings you a photo of the rear of a Quonset-type building taken in July 1976, in western Nevada County. “A what kind of a building?” you ask, and TIMELINES! answers, “The Quonset is a trademark and is described by Noah Webster in his wonderful book of words (dictionary) as ”a prefabricated shelter set on a foundation of bolted steel trusses and built of a semicircular arching roof of corrugated metal insulated with wood fiber. And then again most young, old TIMELINERS! remember the two area grocery stores that operated in Quonsets.

TIMELINERS! who took part in last TIMELINES! and identified Nevada City’s Northern Queen Inn include: Jim Valdez, Les Worthington, San French, Debbie (she got the paper first) and Jim Luckinbill, a first TIMELINER! Fae Gisler who did well; Niel Locke, “Having worked at the Northern Queen at one time…” John Parent, Jim Moon wished our staff “Happy Turkey Day;” Robin Van Zee, “in its early days;” Bobbie Pickering, “From just me, alone…no more Reg!”

The Queen (pre Mother Nature) Stuey Weills; from our Reno fan club, Pete Briggs, “before the trees;” Dee Ann Poulter, Annabelle Robbins, “Before they added The Trolly Junction,” Christine Johnson; Jonathon Thompson tells us,” First time writer…and I knew I had to take a shot at this.” And your shot was right on! and “Hi,” Cindy Barry.

To continue: Reba959945 send from her iPhone; Maria, an employee of Trolly Junction better get it right! The Regular RT gang (you know who you are); Toni Laub, “Waaay before the Trolly Junction…” Alicia Bertoli, “Keep the old pictures coming, sure brings back the memories…” “I remember (when) there was a trout farm near there…” Dennis Babson. Did I/we miss anyone?

And that’s the way it is…”

So again today’s photo question is, “Where?” Here’s a skimpy clue: It doesn’t look today as it did in the photo.

Guess should be directed to: bobwyckoff@sbcglobal.net or PO Box 216, Nevada City CA 95959-0216. Thank you.

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