Three-way contest in Assembly District 3 race |

Three-way contest in Assembly District 3 race

Editor’s note: The Union is presenting the positions of candidates in local elections in a question-and-answer format as part of our overall election coverage.

California jobs are at the forefront of voters’ minds, polls show, and three candidates vying for a seat in the state Assembly say they can take on the challenge.

Incumbent Republican Dan Logue of Linda is competing in his first re-election bid against Democrat Mickey Harrington of Magalia (in Butte County) and Libertarian Gary Bryant of Grass Valley.

Assembly District 3 includes all or part of Butte, Lassen, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sierra and Yuba counties, and has been in Republican hands since 1974.

The Assembly consists of 80 seats, and members can have up to three two-year terms.

Polls show voters are most concerned about the state’s 12.4 percent unemployment rate, the $19 billion budget deficit and the stripped-down public education system.

Q: What is your strategy for creating jobs in District 3?

Gary Bryant: Help pass Prop. 23 (to suspend some state regulations on greenhouse gas emissions).

We need to lift the ban on dredge mining on many rivers that has nothing or very little do with the salmon population.

We need to revive the logging industry by thinning forests that are in extreme danger of fire that destroys everything. This would help reduce prices for wood products – lumber, plywood, siding, underlayment.

Mickey Harrington: I support Prop. 19 (to legalize marijuana). If it passes, it would create hundreds of jobs. As a member of the Assembly, we can create jobs by helping small business. Helping get the bullet train built will create 10,000 jobs almost overnight.

Dan Logue: To turn the economy around, we have to get people working in the 3rd District and throughout California.

As chairman of the Assembly Republican Task Force on Jobs, I am fighting to get government off the backs of businesses so they can hire people again.

Agencies treat businesses like “the enemy,” handing out hefty fines for minor offenses. This does nothing to stimulate economic growth.

I am working to abolish unnecessary regulations that only result in larger government. Eliminating roadblocks to business and returning control to local governments will result in jobs and revenues for critical programs.

Q: Aside from job creation, what will be your highest legislative priority if elected to the Assembly?

Bryant: Review, cut and condense the more than 500 commissions and agencies that are draining us.

Implement 100 percent tax deduction on all health care payments. Eliminate the bottom two tiers of income tax. Regardless of total income, the first $16,890 of income (per person) would be tax-free.

We need to work toward making government at local levels. Down the road, the goal is to eliminate state income tax and go with a sales tax that would benefit counties and cities, where people know best what to do with their wants and needs.

The Libertarian party is about less taxes, spending and government. It brings more freedom, options and choice.

Harrington: Education and vocational training from the 6th grade through high school and college.

Logue: Illegal immigration and its impacts cost the taxpayers $12.5 billion annually and needs to be addressed at the state level, because the federal government refuses to act. We must stop unnecessary “magnet benefits” that only California offers, which lure illegal immigrants to our state.

Another priority is returning control back to local government; local control has been stripped away, making it impossible to act in constituents’ best interests.

It has been proven that the greatest threat to our liberty is the concentration of economic and political power in the hands of a few. Let’s return power back to the people.

To contact Staff Writer Michelle Rindels, e-mail or call (530) 477-4247.

Age: 49

Party: Libertarian

Educational background: High school and one semester at Sierra College

Work background:

• Self-employed 19 years over a 30-year career installing floor covering

Other relevant experience:

• Running crews for installation of floor covering

• Vice chairman of Nevada County Libertarian Party

Age: 71

Party: Democrat

Educational background: High school and some college, plus special training classes in the U.S. Navy

Work background:

• Current president of the Butte-Glenn Central Labor Council

• Worked for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. about 20 years

• Union representative for International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1245

Other experience:

• Third time running for Assembly District 3 seat

• Helped get Pat Johnson (Stockton area) elected to the Assembly and supported other Democrats in region

Age: 60

Party: Republican

Educational background:

• Oklahoma Military Academy

• A.A. from Yuba College

• B.A. in government from California State University, Sacramento

Work background:

• Small business owner

• Assemblyman, 3rd District (elected 2008)

Other relevant experience:

• Yuba County Board of Supervisors 2002-08

• Director, Yuba County Water Agency, 2002-08

• Chairman and founder of Veterans Memorial Committee of Yuba and Sutter County

• Chairman of Assembly Task Force on Jobs

• Vice chairman of Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy

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