The Union reader survey results comments |

The Union reader survey results comments

Thank you to all of the readers who returned our survey this year! In The Union’s reader survey we asked the question:

“If The Union could change one thing in the next 12 months, what should it change?”

Results returned in the mail

charging for the tv guide! i think it is a disgrace to charge your faithful customers for this when you give away that other thing (prospector) free!

dump village idiot

more investigative reporting

better editing

section for penn valley area

no ads on front page please

more on arts

continue front page news on back page

keep print fonts readable

besides local, mores state and national coverage. keep subscribers rates low.

bias reporting

keep print larger

use a font size larger

more balanced politically

non profit corner

need more news- less opinions

go back to old format

not sure

more news and less animal articles for sammies friends etc.

Revamp e-edition

current weather, rainfall, at least tell us the dat. such as: this was the weather of Sat – 7am to 7am – when?

fewer out of town ads!

proof reader skills

more international news

expand music at bars and bistros

article continued from front page to last page of that section

put jumble with crosswords in the same section. more bruce williams

more info on local gov. and local fires and accidents

reduce right wing foolishness

call me – it’s a long story

more news and business articles

enlarge print of crossword puzzle

come out with sunday edition. update the horoscope.

the weather page and add the dodgers to sports section

change you phone directory listing to the Union. It is too obscure!

start up a sunday paper


really needs better proofreading!

include sunday comics

Add children’s events in Prospector

edit (apostrophe usage) print, spelling. Never an excuse for spelling mistakes in a newspaper!

more writers by cory fischer- the best writer on paper!

edit better- some writing is poor

more national news

replace machen macdonald with something more valuable

sunday paper would be good

the quality of the printer’s ink

add one feel good story at least one time a week

less typos

better sport coverage

better coverage of community meetings, etc.


better comic page

more sports info

better coverage of weather on the weather page- more accuracy

add tv guide to daily paper

a “protest” with 50 people does not rate front page coverage

no ads on front page – tacky!

you are severely in need of a proof reader. not just here but mostly in the newspaper itself.

A better heading ” The Union”

more yuba city-walmart news

rarely some ads and section missing

ok as is

correct spelling in articles

invest in a reliable copy editor

more complete mapping of garage sales. whenever I have sent the union to a friend living out of this area, they have been very impressed with the union’s quality, scope and size

more intelligent comics

keep bruce williams column. Take out lake wildwood and lake pines. you new guys are doing a good jon. keep it up. i didnt think you could keep up with ackerman but you are doing well.

better tv coverage

more in-depth coverage

Headline news

fishing and hunting news. Pictures of a nice buck or fish

Censor other voices that are ridiculous and widely held as untrue

more national and state business and sports

More news about local government

need more letters to the editor


Better business section. Perhaps when there is a photo of a bird or animal it could say exactly what kind it is. How about concert reviews at center for the arts

put sudoku with other puzzles in same section

Continue front page stories on back page

The cheap lodging banner on page one. And hire a proof reader and less front page ads. Is this a news widows paper or an ad paper? There are two widows in this household (mother and daughter) both past employees of The Union, we have both become increasingly aware of a decline in quality in almost all areas. The layout seems to lessen The Union. The banner across the top had greater visual impact. This looks cheap.

replace the beautiful original sunset banner?

sunday edition

faster web access

more in-depth sports stories covering more college and pro football

Focus on local news

end media bias

it’s fine just the way it is

sunday paper

follow-up articles on crime/events

listen to the people

a current world events page

start sunday paper

edit for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, errors

dump the oversized insert. the oversized instert makes the union look junky. i do not look at the oversized inserts and toss them. they have lessened the union’s image.

increase type size

add sunday paper

improve proof reading! it’s atrocious. Including reviewing grammar

improve software for free ads and union web access

stop publishing obsessive, repetitive articles on same crime, accusation, etc.

everything is ok as is- there’s something for everyone

articles on world involvement

add marmaduke

i like articles about new stores or businesses that provide a service and may not have known about

technology section, improved website. paper is getting thinner year by year!

better weather reports

cover more nonprofit orgs.

Proof reading

dont change too much- but spotlight new bike rides with little or no traffic. chronicle new adventures for biking, hiking, paddling. etc. Not the same local sports. Yuba, grouse ridge, etc. your outdoor section could highlight new info of greater diversity (not extreme)

Id like to see editorial positions on local elections (candidates)

the economy! sorry lost my head

expand business section to more than one half page at the back of the sport section. quit printing the stupid elephant letters. enough already. Turn the page and move on

include tv programming at no charge

your bad spelling, proof readers

post notices of entertainment earlier than the day of

more news on the environment

I’m happy

add sunday edition

political reporting conservative

Sunday edition and more national news

have a sunday edition

im happy

more national news. more stock market related news

more towntalk articles

added sunday delivery

Don’t put comics in front section

be balanced in politics

reduce crime reporting and increase good news. Please get a better weather service

more out of area major sport news

delivery service is bad

senior living articles, local opinions

more surrounding events in placer county, reno, roseville area

not so much opinions on uninteresting things

crossword puzzles make different from bee

sacto entertainment

local fire, locations addresses not just city

Size of sheet

more art features, all relative

make the daily jumbo super large as it is easy to do when big

add more comic strips

take ads out of sports section

prospector- on the reel, better descriptions of events and films

half pages

more in-depth reporting. too many opinion pieces not enough factual

fewer ad circulars- particularly saturdays

Love the union as it is. dont change

Adding a Sunday Paper

make “best of nevada county” more fair for smaller care/facilities. use a %?

Continue the good work

Amy Goodman regularly

Sunday edition

add more national/NV/CA news

you are great

Put more pictures of the kid parents we’ll buy five copies if the child is in it. i get a paper from montana because they have my grandsons in it

Avoid slang, jargon, and hackneed phrases

More balanced columnist on the opinion page

List people’s names under local photos

Cheaper prices for seniors. Put tv guide back no cost

give access to web free to subscribers

More about Penn Valley

Bring back Kady Guyton for food column – much better, more diverse, creative and entertaining!

important world news on front page. better food section

some national and international news

More national and world news

print liberal, progressive ideas

Sunday edition

some of the cartoons that are no humorous

More news fewer ad inserts.

more international news

Nothing just keep printing the paper

get someone to spell check and grammar check- so bad

less focus on crime (drugs esp.)

more feel good samaritan stories

offer online content free

editing errors, grammar

Have a Sunday edition

Have Sunday delivery

bring back tv guide for free

Keep Religion page and club news

More national/international news

Keep out same-sex marriage

Paper should be 5 cents

Check grammar/spelling

hire a good proof reader

Monthly TV programs

Sunday edition

Proof read

add opinion page back on Mondays

Head Line Bigger Print.

Proof read- grammar, spelling, etc.

Free Sunday edition

Get better security for papers when delivered to boxes

Stop sending so many ads and put paper in order from A through D

Complete coverage of college sports

Free TV guide

Publishers having more connection with community

More USA news

have more important news of the nation

Size of crossword puzzle

Lower the price

More national news

Bring Dr. Gott back

Bring back home and garden Saturday section

Get rid of Dilbert

This survey, tedious, redundant, etc.

Lower the price

Stop messing up with the daily jumble puzzle

nothing i can think of

you got it pretty right on asis

Bring back Bob Wyckoff

Add Sunday

Larger font. Please place Sudoku and Cryptoquote on same quarter of a page

The Wednesday food section: Better everyday recipes and more not all that talk about wine and the couple outlandish recipes one never to make. Used to be great.

Sunday Edition


More local news coverage (crime, fire, government, etc.)

More national news less advertising

Offer special rates for long time subscribers

replace the odd banner with the sunset

Do away with half pages on want ads

Put cont’d page on back page

A larger home design section

Add Tv guide no cost

Get Holiday Market at Combie to include their weekly ad with the others

Results returned via website


I like the Union

Drop the Religion section.

See #15

More articles relating to northern Calif news.


Offer the full access free for a month so I could see if its worth subscribing.

Not interested in out of town news. Do not want to hear about home invasions, rapes murders in Sacramento etc.

I would like a bigger newspaper with more in-depth articles like sac bee or Santa Rosa Press Dem

too many ads, especially Real Estate — I take the Real Estate section out and put it in the recycle box, w/o looking at it. I do it w/ ads sometimes too — so many are bogus

Provide on line ability to set up vacation hold for home delivery.

Do away with the paywall.

Reduce front page coverage of small time crime related activity (i.e. drug busts) and replace with more stories about folks or organizations that make positive contributions to our community.

making sure non profits get there message out

Bring back the River or Something that says Nevada County to the public when they pick up the paper. It needs to reflect the uniqueness of the area

It needs to throw out that cesspool they call an editorial page. Since the early 2000’s, the Union has lead the charge to divide our community. It has pandered to an extreme right wing agenda by being a soapbox for certain pundits and it’s intellectually dishonest opinions. Having Amy Goodman once a week is a pathetic attempt to appear balanced. The Union needs to be more selective in what they allow as a ‘letter to the editor’. Brian Hamilton seems to be trying to rectify this with current articles on gay marriage and SYRCL. He must be trying to get fired. Until the Union decides to serve the entire community, not just 1/3, it’s going down.

make it easier for a person to find the cost of an online subscription

Look at the Sac Bee for a good online template. I subscribe to them also. Being in Sacramento I cannot get the Union in the am, and online dosent appeal to me. I own six properties up there, born and raised in NC, miss home but I will look at KNCO for full stories.

correcting all the grammar and spelling errors

get rid of columnist Kathryn Lopez

Participation by and focus on younger generations (age 12-25)

Less stories about pot busts, crimes

Free online


I don’t know

Be REAL AUTHENTIC about the issues of the current messed up thinking in our government and the unwillingness of individuals to get off their butts work hard and face the fact that times have changed and the only way out of the hole Americans are facing us HARD WORK and stop the entitlement attitude…take someride in being a part of the solution and not the problem..

Have (truth) fair and balanced news and news stories.

Not watered down or one sided facts.

better comics & more careful editing


Darker print – easier to read

After having been a subscriber for over 30 years, you should have grandfathered in subscribers to your website rather than charging them for access. bad PR on your part

Love to have a Sunday edition!

Better proof reading

More club news and more local coverage. You are doing a great job.

Maybe do the ads in the middle of the article like the Auburn Journal, rather than having to subscribe and pay to read articles online. I generally read the beginning of the article and then google search to find out the rest of the info you have to pay to read at You don’t even have to pay to read the WSJ online!

It should permit online payment for online subscriptions, e.g., via paypal.

free content

Increase national and international news.

It seems in the last couple of years, The Union articles are designed to exacerbate contention (e.g. Elephants at Fair) rather than to give accurate and balanced information. (This element in modern reporting is a general infection in media.) Also, the cost is much higher than it used to be to subscribe. We are not certain we will continue to subscribe.

let me look at the entire paper online.

Add more ads like walmart, target

More reporting, less “special to the Union” articles.

more local government coverage

Stop printing on dead trees

Add Sunday Edition

Take down The Union website pay wall!

Get rid of pay wall.

Pay more attention to grammar, vocabulary, dropped words, and all basic mechanics of the English language.

Subscriber can go online for a vacation stop.

Watch out for typos…it’s become a family game to look for them. More balanced reporting…sometimes stories are obviously one-sided.

Increase size of print.

Run cuniberti each Monday w/Bruce Williams

If I knew that, I could be your editor. 🙂

It would be great to have a Sunday Edition. I would also like to see a wider more in depth coverage of state, national and international news.

Make sure all pro golf coverage is included in the Saturday and Monday edition of sports. Many times it has not been included which I have complained about.

Sunday edition

Add a Sunday edition

Wider coverage base.

More national news and information concerning Sacramento.

Don’t run ads on page 1

online edition free

accurate garage sale locations

Try for more accuracy & unbiased opinions when publishing local news, please!

Searching the online site is cumbersome

Sunday newspaper

One thing I wish The Union would offer is online access to putting paper delivery on vacation hold. Can’t believe you don’t offer this service!!!!!!

Hire a proof reader to catch all the typos, spelling errors, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, dropped text, factual errors, photo misplacements and mis-captions, and other errors and sloppiness that make the Union read like a high school newspaper.

Improve proofreading and editing

Better proof reading to catch spelling errors and sentence structure. Make sure reader understands where the item being discussed is located in the community (like an address).

Add more local interest stories, there are other ways to get national news.

I couldn’t finish the survey because you required household income to continue-

The new front page!

Courtney Ferguson’s photo – I can’t read her column unless I put my thumb over that photo. She looks like she just had an overly aggressive eye lift!


Go back to having Amy Goodman’s editorials every Wednesday!

Become less liberal in commentaries

Don’t change anything. Your focus on local activities regarding daily life and businesses is great.



more business/investment material –

more pro football coverage

More comments and study of the local politics and who the players are. Don’t just be yes men.

Better editing of grammer and wording in articles

More “conservative” political viewpoints.

Adding a Sunday edition

More “balanced” reporting and less liberal leaning stories. Just report the news and more coverage of ALL NFL teams and NHL hockey

Eliminate voice mail – have someone answer phone calls

Add Sunday edition

More breaking news and news updates online during the day. More education info and articles about student activities other than sports.

The banner, if that’s what you call it, on the front page. The new one looks cheap and insignificant.

more local content

make on-line edition free of chanrge

Return to previous size. Don’t like smaller version at all.

Please “bold” the street name for each entry in the Police Blotter. I’m too busy to read each entry so I never look at the Blotter; but I sure would like to be able to quickly glance at the streets where the incidents are occurring so if I notice a street in my neighborhood, then I can pause and read the entry in detail..

Hire more reporters to increase your news coverage.

get adult reporters

Make the survey shorter!

more focus on local businesses,e.g. meet your merchant

Get rid of “It Takes a Village Idiot” cartoon. Most the time it is just plain dumb. Guess that is why they call it village idiot.

Sunday edition would be nice. Maybe a feature on mountain biking or motorcycles.

More editorial page content.

Become more politically balanced. Vet the letters printed and exclude those using slander, accusations, and personal attacks.

Less front page emphasis on arrests, pot and more on community reporting. You do have journalists on staff?

I would like the names of people under all group photographs.

Dont print political rants that dont have any supporting facts

Include a Pat Buchanan column.

Include more ads for target and home depot

Re-hire Jeff Ackerman! He was a more fair minded editor and printed readers letters eventhough he might not agree with them.

Improve the online edition. It sucks.

Inserts are more often then not duplicated in the same issue which means the advertiser is not getting as much coverage. Need to improve how and quantity of inserts.

Tear down the paywall.

Take lesser criminal offenses off the front page, and put more important news front and center.

More investigative and/or full scale stories – the recent article about the history of Ananda was excellent.

Stop acting like everyone cares about rescue dogs. Google elephants and Ringling Brothers to learn about the fraud The Union promoted. Fire Amy Goodman and hire Thomas Sowell.

Be the only newspaper I need which would require more U.S. and Intl coverage Bay Area pro sports coverage and Sat and Sun editions

The Union needs to increase in size and content and cover more local events in more depth. We shouldn’t have to find out info in The Bee or the Appeal-Democrat about local issues, incidents, or events Click up the intensity and passion of your local editorials.

You seem to have many young people working at the newspaper now. I think the articles I’m reading need closer review by an editor. I’m not overly impressed with the quality of the writing nor the content. Less fluff and more “news”.

Put Sudoku on any back page, so paper doesn’t have to be folded.

More overall sports coverage.

The website needs to be easier to navigate & more receptive to searches.

Drop the tea party letters to the editor

Important news stories should not share equal front page space with merchant stories.

Should be unbiased on articles published, such as, gave way too much publicity to Elephant protestors at the fair. Also, why do you publish any drug or related violators pictures on the front page? They deserve no picture. You forgot to mention The Skeptic Tank in your survey, its the best!

No pay wall

Sunday newspaper

More investigative, in depth local reporting!

Update website more frequently, more content.

Its liberal slant!

The editor/publisher. I prefer more conservative political management

more Gene Lyons

Bring back Monday editorial pages and cut the picture page.

The paywall.

More inspirational people and stories…. less drugs and crime

I like the Union. I also subscribe to the Bee because I want to be up to date on world, national and state news. I don’t expect the Union to cover these issues comprehensively. I read the Union to learn about local issues, events, businesses etc… and I think you do a good job with that.

Free access to online. I dislike having to sign in to read the union.

The publisher and the quality of the content. Also, advertising is so repetitive; there are so many merchants that we just don’t know about or that we forget about because they do not advertise. “News” coverage is rarely in-depth or thoughtful and is often poorly written. So many stories are covered repeatedly with little new content (a recent example is the Alta Sierra board but there are many similar examples). Just this week the story about the horse rehab facility; two consecutive days of “coverage” but the only new news on the second day was that operations were suspended. Too many things to express in this survey but as previously said we will not be renewing our subscription in December. We will read the Nevada City Advocate, pick up Prospector for free and perhaps scan headlines on to see if there is anything worth reading in which case we may buy a day pass.

More flexible advertising options AND provide more accessible video

Stop promoting drug use through the promotion of alcohol-related events and pro-alcohol reporting, and start focusing more on the alcohol crisis in our community and how to reduce use, abuse, and the associated collateral damage

Better grammar


Basic maps showing the location of some news articles would be helpful. For example articles often refer to Cement Hill. I lived here for several years before I figure out where Cement Hill is. Obviously a map can’t be associated with every article, but some would be helpful. I’d say if one article each day, or 3-4 times a week had such a map, it would greatly enhance the value received from reading the article. Areas being discussed by the board of supervisors or NID would be great. Thanks!

Run voter polls for shorter periods and, if possible, limit individual “votes.”

The papers Masthead. It used to show a green pine tree and a blue river logo. Drop the upper right hand graphic stuff on the front page. Include the Jumble and Cryptoquote on the same page of the paper. Include columns by Paul Krugman, David Brooks, Thomas Friedman. Switch back to a larger more readable print type. Inlcude more emails of the paper’s management to encourage dialog. Don’t try to be all things to all readers. I rely on Statle, National, and World news from the Sac Bee which tends to print articles in their entirety and don’t edit them for length as the Union does.

actually give their reporters time to research and “REPORT” and not be such a story mill with no basis for reporting the actual story

Please stay in the middle and stay away from the left wing radicals. Life is changing and not in a positive way even though I have a good life.

Add The Ideas , Opinions & Letters to the Editor in Mondays Edition!!

Get all the petty criminals and their mug shots out of the paper and off the web site. Focus on real crime and the trends behind it. The paper is dominated by boring cops and crooks stories, always with too much background.

Stop being stale. The Union is locked into the traditional Nevada County culture, and needs to embrace the up-and-coming (read: younger, more informed, broader focused) demographic. There is room for both. And back off the Agenda 21 stuff. It makes you look silly.

In the re-design of the paper:

When you have a bold vertical line to indicate a box within the article, put something around or at least across the bottom of the imaginary box. The fonts used are not different enough to tell where the box information stops and the main article information continues. It’s irritating.

Make this survey much shorter. This is ridiculous. Few people will finish it.

Too many Other Voices make claims that are not verified. Could you make a big boxed statement that the Union has not verified the claims made in columns and Other Voices?

Sunday edition!~

Get rid of Pearls Before Swine cartoon – inane if not offensive, rarely funny and sometimes condones violence (for ex. see 9/2/13).

More local news and less stories written for other papers.

Ask follow-up questions when reporting.

Reporting of the weather. All reporters should use the same criteria. Will send email to Brian Hamilton.

More content, less ads

Add the Opinion Page to the Monday edition; add a Sunday edition.

more local commentary; get it here consistently before 6:30: basically it’s a very good newspaper

Moving the Daily Jumble from the classified section to the Comics section

More local stories/news articles.

Why you do not print Legion club news or answer phone calls? SOMETIMES PRINTED never know

add a local columnist to write about local happenings from a more conservative point of view – or at least give both or more sides to an issue

Healthy Tuesday the awful pictures, the focus on illness instead of health

Start to provide BALANCED and IN DEPTH (INVESTIGATIVE) coverage of local issues and corruption..

next time you shrink the size of your newspaper, do not shrink the size of the crossword puzzles. Each time you do it makes it harder to read.

Better classifieds!!!!!


The weekly coverage of the non-profit organizations in the area. It is so repetitive you would think there was nothing else going on in the area. The articles almost read like boilerplate.

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