The man cave: His. offers upscale-casual men’s clothing in Grass Valley |

The man cave: His. offers upscale-casual men’s clothing in Grass Valley

Nevada County natives Gina and Will Ford have opened a business they felt was needed in downtown Grass Valley, a clothing and apparel store for men named His.
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Gina and Will Ford have always dreamed of owning a retail space together.

The couple — who are parents to five children, four of them boys — knew they wanted to offer something that was needed, something that would be worlds apart from any other business in town.

That’s when the two, both natives of Nevada County, decided to open a men’s clothing and specialty store and call it His.

In addition to the many hats, flannels, jackets, pants and accoutrements the shop offers, the Fords offer a space where men can simply be.

“A lot of times you see men holding purses for their wives,” said Gina, “and that’s why we call it His. We wanted it to be undeniably a place for a man.”

Open since Halloween, the Fords said they were tired of the lack of options for men’s clothing — especially that would be appropriate for work, a wedding or a nice dinner. In addition, the two acknowledge that generally speaking, men don’t shop the same way women do. Many don’t want to invest a lot of time or money in selecting and purchasing the necessary threads.

“Men don’t shop in women’s stores with men’s clothes in them,” said Gina. “It’s not a comfortable environment for them so we wanted to create an experience. We wanted to make it a man shop.”

In order to make the space extra man-friendly, the shop has been decorated with an assortment of construction equipment and tools, an homage to Will’s 20-plus years in the trade. When not picking out sweaters and dress shoes, he owns and operates William Ford Construction.

The couple are hoping to receive an okay from Grass Valley Police to install a beer tap in His., from which they can serve glasses of fresh brew from Grass Valley Brewing Company. A big-screen television takes up a large portion behind the bar-like counter, and will frequently be showing sports and classic movies like The Godfather. Big leather chairs are set up conveniently for relaxing and catching the big game.

“We had a couch and then we were like, men don’t sit next to each other on a couch,” said Will. “One person on a couch means a couch is full. So let’s get chairs.”

The Fords said their upscale-casual store is a welcome hang out that happens to fulfill a need in western Nevada County for stylish clothing, and they will soon be adding an athletic section complete with handmade leather goods like baseball gloves, boxing gloves and punching bags.

“We wanted to create an experience,” Gina explained. “We wanted it to be a place that men could come and shop. In the first four days we were open, men walked in, pulled things off the rack, tried them on and outfitted themselves. I was so thrilled. That’s success for us that a man feels comfortable doing that.”

His. is located at 202 West Main Street in Grass Valley. They are open Sunday through Wednesday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Jennifer Nobles is a staff writer for The Union. She can be reached at or 530-477-4231.

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