THE ARTISTS: Diane Dean-Epps |

THE ARTISTS: Diane Dean-Epps

What is your career and your current job title? Hmmm … I’m going to go with humor writer for my career and my current “day gig” is working as an English teacher at Bear River High School.

Describe in a sentence or two your art and/or writings. I write humorous, anecdotal stories that I call sit-down “stand up.” These are the types of situations that everyone can relate to, albeit not everyone records their everyday experiences in this same – ahem – interesting way.

How long have you been working in this discipline? I’ve been writing since third grade, when Ms. Johnson told me I was a writer. You don’t think she was just messing with me, do you?

Why do you do it? Ah, yes, the question that I ask myself every morning … ‘cuz it’s how I make sense of my world. Without writing, my life would be unexpressed emotion, and that doesn’t work for me. Or, may I say, anyone else?!

What do you hope to accomplish? I’d like to continue to have my books published in an effort to amuse the public and myself, leaving a legacy of laughter for my children.

Do you create your art and/or writings with an exact message you want the viewer to receive and if yes, what is that message? Oh, if only I were that deep. My message is about laughing at yourself, your situation, the absurdities of life and to persevere – in everything that’s worthwhile to you! The subliminal message is “Buy more books by Diane Dean-Epps!”

Where do you want to be with your art and or/writings, in terms of part-time vs. full-time status, positions and where your works are seen? I want to be right where I am – having my writings published – but more so. I’d like to see my poetry, children’s books, mysteries – and yes, I have a romance novel – all in print. Dear Public: Can you help? Signed: A selfish, but prolific writer.

What kind of special training did you take? I had a mentor and participated in writing groups, but the most important training was accomplished with the help of hundreds of authors – I read voraciously!

What’s your favorite part of your endeavors? Having a fan tell me that my book made them laugh, and listening to my children tell their friends that their mom is a writer. Magic, baby!

What’s your least favorite part of your endeavors? The fact that I’m so danged time-poor that my ideas must reside in my cranium far too long before I can score paper.

How many hours a day or, if more appropriate, a week, do you spend on your work? My ideas own me pretty much continuously, so I’m going to go with an impressive number like 120 hours a week.

Do you consider it hard work and could anyone do it? Writing is hard work and anyone with a passion for it can do it, but if you’re in it for the money, maybe being an agent for a writer would be a better plan.

Any other comments you’d like to include? Go Bruins!

On Sunday, Diane Dean-Epps will have a book-signing at Tower Books, 2538 Watt Ave., Sacramento, for “Maternal Meanderings,” in honor of the release of the second edition. Nationally syndicated radio show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger told her audience to buy this book. For more information about the book-signing, call (916) 481-6600.

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