Telestream, AJA bring iPads to Deer Creek School |

Telestream, AJA bring iPads to Deer Creek School

1st graders Max Onken and Abby Trujillo use iPads in class.
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iPads are coming to Deer Creek School, thanks to significant contributions by Telestream and AJA Video Systems to the school’s Apple iPad Project.

The project aims to provide 36 iPads to enhance education for Deer Creek’s approximately 250 children from kindergarten through grade 2. Contributions from local technology companies Telestream and AJA will provide the majority of the needed funding, allowing iPads to be incorporated into education over the next few months.

The use of iPads at Deer Creek was piloted by first-grade teacher Sherry Chargin, who received a grant in 2012 from Nevada City School Foundation to purchase a handful of devices for her class. The technology has proven so effective, that fellow teachers have all jumped on board with the desire to have them in their K-2 classrooms.

The iPads help younger students with reading, math, and language arts, providing an easy-to-use touch screen and a wide variety of education applications. These applications allow individualized, targeted education with immediate feedback, gauging progress to reinforce difficult concepts and allowing students to move on when a concept is learned.

“The kids find it fun, when at the same time core fundamentals are being cemented into their brains while using the technology. That’s the beauty of the iPads, and through the kids’ eyes, it’s a real treat when the time comes to use them in class,” said Chargin.

The use of technology in education has dramatically increased nationwide over the last few years, and early studies support the results that Chargin has seen. Studies have shown across-the-board literacy test score improvement for young students using iPads when compared to students taught through conventional methods.

These lower grade levels are particularly important as the seed for future learning. Starting in grade 3 at Deer Creek, students move from learning to read and start reading to learn, making K-2 important foundational years.

The contributions by Telestream and AJA are a much-needed supplement that follows more than 12 months of technology investment by the Nevada City School District, according to Deer Creek School.

The campus Internet and wireless infrastructure was significantly upgraded over the summer, and a partnership between teachers, parents and staff selected Google Chromebooks to support older children for grades 3-8. However, budget limitations prevented devices from being purchased for children in the lower grades.

“The district has committed funds to technology over the next three years but due to budget constraints and the need to hire an additional teacher this year, a gap was left in grades K-2 to purchase enough age-appropriate devices,” said NCSD Board of Trustees President Michael Hill-Weld.

“Many schools have been using the latest and greatest technology for years, and our students deserve the same exposure and experience. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of our local technology companies!”

Telestream and AJA combined employ more than 300 people in the local community, and many of their children will see the benefit of these new devices.

“We believe strongly in the use of technology in education, and are excited to be able to contribute directly to something that will have an immediate impact in helping to make our local children competitive in today’s world,” Telestream CEP Dan Castles.

However, while these companies have provided for the majority of the funds needed, additional funding is still required to complete the effort.

“Due to the success seen in our pilot program, the iPad project is a priority at Deer Creek. We’ve had to reach beyond our school community to make it happen and are thrilled at the positive response we’ve received. Budgets continue to tighten in our public educational system, making it challenging to get projects like this launched without community involvement,” said Deer Creek Principal Monica Daugherty.

“We are so very grateful for the support we’ve received from Telestream and AJA. They’ve helped us bridge a major gap, but we’re not 100 percent there yet. We have a remaining $5,000 to raise in order to purchase the total number of iPads needed for classrooms, and are asking for help.”

To learn more about the Deer Creek Apple iPad Project, contact Daugherty at Deer Creek School by phone at 530-265-1870 or by email at2 The Nevada City Schools Foundation will launch a fundraising campaign for additional student devices in the classroom throughout the district. For information send an email to

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