Supes approve truancy crackdown |

Supes approve truancy crackdown

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a resolution at Tuesday’s meeting aimed at cracking down on truancy.

With the resolution, students who are found playing hooky in the county will be subject to a sliding series of fines or community service penalties, giving police greater authority to take action against truant students.

Penalties for cutting school are $25 or 12 hours of community service for the first offense, with increasing repercussions for each additional infraction, said Terry McAteer, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, who attended Tuesday’s meeting to speak in favor of the resolution.

Grass Valley Police chief John Foster said the resolution “allows the county to have the same enforcement tools the city has.”

Prior to the resolution, Foster said, there was no legal action police could take against truant students found outside Grass Valley limits, so only the schools could mete out punishments, such as detention. Foster said there was still no such resolution for truant students found in Nevada City or Truckee.

“This truancy ordinance is a complement to the existing education code,” said Marianne Slade-Troutman, president of the Nevada County Board of Education, in a statement at the meeting. “The ordinance creates a meaningful and immediate consequence for youth who make the poor choice of cutting a class or day of school. The immediacy of receiving a ticket for their poor choice will make them rethink their decision.”

In other Board of Supervisors news:

– Supervisors unanimously approved an interstate agreement between sheriff’s departments in Nevada County and Washoe County, Nevada.

Nevada County Sheriff-Coroner Keith Royal said a “lot of drug trafficking occurs” between the two counties, and this resolution, which gives officers police powers in partner counties, will hopefully help crack down on that. He said there is a similar agreement in place with Placer County and that the arrangement is revenue neutral.

– Director of Transportation and Sanitation Michael Hill-Weld delivered an update to supervisors regarding post-storm conditions. Hill-Weld said there were some electrical outages but noted few major problems. He said there were “no problems” with the Cascade Wastewater Treatment Plant, although two engineers were inspecting the area Tuesday morning.

– Supervisors unanimously approved $198,000 for preventing the spread of West Nile virus in Western Nevada County in fiscal year 2006-07. The plan selected was the intermediate one in terms of cost and coverage presented by Agricultural Commissioner Paul Boch and Director of Environmental Health Larry Sage. The plan called for breeding more “mosquito fish” and treating more than 500 mosquito hatching sites.

In 2005, the county treated 25 mosquito breeding sites and four people and five horses were found to be carrying the virus, according to Tuesday’s presentation, which stated 29 birds and three squirrels were found dead from the virus last year.

– Supervisors presented awards to outstanding employees in a variety of departments. The ceremony filled the conference room to capacity, with frequent pauses for clapping, cheering and standing ovations. Several of the government workers honored appeared via video-conference from Truckee.

Cynthia Bryan of the Department of Social Services was honored as Nevada County’s Employee of the Year.

“This is one of the fun things we get to do in this job,” said Supervisor Nate Beason.

Other winners included Daniel Happs of the Information General Services department, Creative Employee of the Year; Mario Valceschini of Adult Protective Services, Dedicated Employee of the Year; Landen Jackert of the Department of Transportation, Enthusiastic Employee of the Year; Rod Kahle of Juvenile Hall, Supervisor of the Year; Beverly Glen of Human Resources, Safety Recognition; Cascade Shores Emergency Response Team, Team of the Year.

Janie McKenzie – Behavioral Health

Alice Litton – Community Health

Daniel Happs – Information General Services

Daniel Hanna – Information General Services

Benjamin Gillespie – Information General Services

Teri-Lynn Sommerhalder – Probation Department

Larry Allen – Assessor’s Office

Ted Arnold – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Terrance Bartels – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Lisa Burkhart – Department of Child Support Services

Pam Clemens – Information General Services

Elsie Durgin – Probation Department

Charlie Erion – Information General Services

Ken Ganskie – Community Health

Frank Lucas – Facilities Management

Miguel Martinez – Buildings & Grounds – Truckee

Li Ching Messa – Behavioral Health

Daniel Murry – Information General Systems

William Nelson – Information General Services

Michael Railey – Facilities Management

Trudy Roegner – Human Resources

Patty Sinnock – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Mario Valceschini – Adult Protective Services

Kathy Cash Waldrun – Sheriff’s Office

Dave Zerbal – Facilities Management

Cindy Maple – CalWorks – Dept. of Social Services

Taryn Evans – CDA

Denise Buglino – Community Health

Veronica Porter – Department of Information Services

Cynthia Bryan – Department of Social Services

Jody Jory – Department of Social Services

Doug Farrell – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Jessica Price – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Denise Luckinbill – Information Systems

Marino Delfino – Madelyn Helling Library

Claire Stafford – Medelyn Helling Library

Elsie Durgin – Probation Department

Isabel Lopez – Community Health – Truckee

Landen Jackert – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Sallie Carmichael – Environmental Health

Ron Brown – Information General Services

Cindee Dayen – Sheriff’s Office

Carole Browning – Sherrif’s Office

Elsie Durgin – Probation

Helga Garner – Assessor’s Office

Susan Kadera – Human Resources

Rod Kahele – Juvenile Hall

Rona Martin – Community Health

Marin Petre – Behavioral Health

Jacque Pollard – Recorder’s Office

Richard Reader – Information General Services

Philip Vooz – Department of Social Services

Nina Bigley – Housing

Ray James – Housing

Susan Roark – Housing

Debbie Gould – Housing

Steve Hull – Housing

Bob Flecksteiner – Housing

Trinity Proctor – Housing

Cheryl Scott – Human Services Agency

Debra Stumpf – Human Services Agency

Maren Petre – Behavioral Health

Keith Malley – Behavioral Health

Toni Morris – Behavioral Health

Curtis McMullan – Behavioral Health

Gerry Schwede – Behavioral Health

Lee Steffensen – Behavioral Health

Linda Fisher – Behavioral Health

Anna Lee Lantz – Child Protective Services

Bobbie Rowlands – Child Protective Services

Crystal Arnold – Child Protective Services

Dana Deily – Child Protective Services

Dave Simonton – Child Protective Services

Doreen Domb – Child Protective Services

Genevieve Sweeney – Child Protective Services

Judy Tuttle – Child Protective Services

Juliet Gobert – Child Protective Services

Kate Dudley – Child Protective Services

Kathryn Kestler – Child Protective Services

Kim Gainza – Child Protective Services

Kitty Vaars – Child Protective Services

Linda Kanter – Child Protective Services

Marilyn Gale – Child Protective Services

Mary Cahill – Child Protective Services

Nicole Annaloro – Child Protective Services

Peggy Hobbs – Child Protective Services

Rachel Pena – Child Protective Services

Scott McLeran – Child Protective Services

Shelly Watters – Child Protective Services

Sherri Cude – Child Protective Services

Dennis Biladeau – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Bill Boling – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Jim Brower – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Mark Boone – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Daniel Buchholz – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Don Corbett – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Tom Storrs – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Tony Ciafardoni – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Carlos Espinoza – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Donald Goens – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Robert Lisher – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Ralph Raper – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Ken Reilly – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Forrest Robison – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Jay Zerbel – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Jessica Price – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Douglas Farrell – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Gordon Plantenga – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Steven Stiles – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Joy Coy – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Dianne Horton-Pong – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Richard Jackson – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Dave Keck – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

James Nunley – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Marty Penaluna – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Ken Ribble – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

C.J. Rist – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Tony Rua – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Duane Sauer – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Dan Walsh – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

ob Wells – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Dave Browning – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Tom Coburn – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Mike Coughlan – Department of Transportation & Sanitation

Mike Quintana – Information General Services

Richard Reader – Information General Services

Meg Christianson – Human Resources

Louis Bock – County Executive Office

Amer Beckler – Geographical Information Services

Kurtis Zumwalt – Environmental Health

Claire Stafford – Madelyn Helling Library

Barb Messer – Grass Valley Library

Dale Fadenrecht – Information General Services

Louise Jones – Information General Services

Frank Cook – Juvenile Hall

Rod Kahele – Juvenile Hall

Lynn Slay – Juvenile Hall

Ellen Swinton – Juvenile Hall

Melissa Bailey – Juvenile Hall

Jennifer Balistreri – Juvenile Hall

Patricia Barr – Juvenile Hall

John Beckett – Juvenile Hall

Hope Briggs – Juvenile Hall

John Foppiano – Juvenile Hall

David Greist – Juvenile Hall

Lisa Hunerlach – Juvenile Hall

Mark L’Etoile – Juvenile Hall

Mike McConahy – Juvenile Hall

Ken McMahon – Juvenile Hall

Randy Moyer – Juvenile Hall

Ed Peevey – Juvenile Hall

Kurtis Riley – Juvenile Hall

Christina Simkins – Juvenile Hall

Bob Brown – Juvenile Hall

Stacy Casey – Juvenile Hall

Steve McNallen – Juvenile Hall

Karen Martin – Juvenile Hall

Cynthia Miramontes – Juvenile Hall

Sabri Torkman – Juvenile Hall

Beverly Glenn – Human Resources

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