Supervisor Ed Scofield: Animal shelter change isn’t a done deal |

Supervisor Ed Scofield: Animal shelter change isn’t a done deal

Nevada County Supervisor Ed Scofield emphasized Tuesday that his board has made no decision about a recommendation to forego a new contract with Sammie’s Friends.

Scofield’s comments came in the wake of Monday’s announcement that a panel recommended Placer County for the adoption of Nevada County animals out of its Auburn facility. Nevada County employees, including animal control officers, would operate the existing McCourtney Road facility under the proposal. The Nevada County facility would still serve as intake for animals. It’s possible some adoptions could still occur there.

The existing contract with Sammie’s Friends ends June 30.

“I think we all feel like, I don’t want to use the word ‘blind-sided,’ but in some ways we have,” Scofield said. “It will come to the board at some point, so don’t feel that it’s a done deal.”

Scofield, who called himself a strong supporter of Sammie’s Friends, said a public hearing will occur before supervisors approve any new contract.

Negotiations are in their infancy. It’s unknown when a contract will come to a vote.

“Be a little patient here,” Scofield asked.

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