Street-level views of Iraqi war |

Street-level views of Iraqi war

Dave Desmond
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With the threat of war with Iraq on the horizon, senior reporter Dave Moller asked eight random area residents one question:

“What’s your take on the apparent impending war?” Here’s how they answered:

Dave Desmond, 71, Penn Valley

“We’re concerned for our boys over there. We don’t think the suits are good enough to protect our boys; our concern is the biological weapons. “I think France and Germany have been selling things to Saddam and that’s why they don’t want us in there. The French are notorious for this and the Germans probably have sold them technology. “I think Bush will go in.”

Earl Hockett, 54, Grass Valley

“It’s kind of crazy, you know? It kind of reminds me of the Nazis, trying to turn everything their way. Now we’re trying to Americanize everything. Now we’re banned from other countries. We’re making more enemies. We should get it over with.”

Roxanne Cottrill, 10, Grass Valley

“I feel it’s safe because they’re not going to attack here, I think. And I think we’re going to beat them. I feel really good about that we’ll win.”

Tammy Fleharty, 38, Grass Valley

“It won’t affect me right here in Grass Valley, my children or me. They won’t bomb us here. But it’s wrong, what’s going to go on over there. We’re going to bomb innocent civilians and I don’t feel good about that.

“If we could take the idiot (Saddam) out, without hurting civilians…”

Ed Ahlers, 77, Alta Sierra

“I was drafted into World War II right out of high school. I say go and get him. Whatever it takes.

“I know I’m not talking here like a draftable person. I don’t know who to believe sometimes on all of this but I have to go with the President. I don’t think they’re spoofin’ us on this one.”

Grover Cleveland, 60, Penn Valley

“My take is that Bush is ignoring the country and the rest of the world for some imaginary reason. The weapons of destruction must be somewhere. I just question his (Bush’s) motives. I think a skeptical person would have to say ‘who benefits from this the most?'”

Cleveland said he didn’t want to be labeled a peacenik, “but I’m discouraged.”

Bev Williams, 72, Lake Wildwood

“My husband retired from the Navy as an admiral after 35 years as a pilot. He turned in his wings after Vietnam…Our four kids (of the Vietnam era) will probably be in the peace marches.

“I prayed I wouldn’t have to see another war but when someone attacks us and threatens us, we must defend ourselves. I wish I had an answer. We just pray for peace.”

Celia Thomas, 24, Grass Valley

“I’m against it. I spent the weekend protesting in Sacramento. I have all kinds of relatives in the service who will be called up there. I don’t want my daughter to grow up in the state of war. I don’t know how my dad and mom went through it during the Vietnam era. It’s a family thing for me. During the Gulf War my parents wrote a note for me to get out of school to protest.”

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