St. Patrick’s celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe (VIDEO) |

St. Patrick’s celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe (VIDEO)

Grass Valley’s vibrant Mexican-American community came together Tuesday night to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe with music, song, dance, and a street processional that culminated inside St. Patrick’s Catholic Church with a mass dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The celebration honors the Virgin Mary’s appearance to Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin atop the hill at Tepeyac Mexico in December of 1531.

The Virgin Mary’s appearance to Diego, a Native American, was an important event that helped to bring the Spanish, indigenous, and mestizos together under one God and religion.

Many communities across the Spanish-speaking Americas celebrate the apparition and subsequent miracles by holding pilgrimages to the site in Mexico where the Virgin Mary appeared, as well as holding feasts and celebrations in their own communities on Dec. 12.

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