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Special edition coming Sunday

We normally don’t publish a newspaper on Sunday, but this weekend is an exception.

Figuring that nothing is more important than your right to vote, we’re going to help you make a well-informed decision by publishing a free special issue on Sunday about the Nov. 7 election.

Short of driving you to the polls ourselves, we hope this “news you can use” edition will be a useful resource for the election.

It is chock full of information, including candidate profiles, analysis, and explanations of the issues that matter to you. We also have included a list of polling places, links to election-related Web sites, and a story on the county’s new electronic voting machines.

We hope you’ll treat this edition like my favorite cookbook: make notes in the margin, spill coffee on it, give it that “used” look. My son will no doubt try to draw mustaches on the photos of the candidates.

How do you get a copy of our free Sunday edition?

If you’re a subscriber, you can get this free issue in one of two ways: at one of the 75 places where we’re providing free copies in western Nevada County – or on the Internet. (Please note: this Sunday edition will not be delivered to your home; I, for one, think our delivery crew deserves at least one day off.)

On the Internet, you can read a copy electronically by logging onto our “e-Edition” at http://www.theunion.com/eedition and follow the instructions. Sign up for the e-Edition before Sunday and you’ll be eligible to win a free iPod Nano. Take the e-Edition for a test drive now!

Reading news on your PC is an easy, environmentally friendly way to stay informed. “No recycling required,” as our e-Edition points out. Plus, you don’t have to leave home. (My column on Saturday’s opinion page will explain how the Web is the future of newspapers – and a lot of other printed material.)

The other way to get a copy of Sunday’s election issue is to visit one of the dozens of places where we’re handing them out. This includes almost every place you can think of: grocery stores, coffee shops, book stores, retirement homes – and The Union’s office at 464 Sutton Way in Grass Valley. (See the complete list at right).

If you’re not a subscriber, pick up a copy at one of these places, or subscribe to the e-Edition for a small fee. Better yet, we hope you’ll become a regular newspaper subscriber.

Depending on how it goes, we’re thinking of publishing a free Sunday edition of The Union starting next year.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to vote.


To contact Editor Jeff Pelline, e-mail jeffp@theunion.com or call 477-4235.

Here’s a list of the places where The Union will distribute its free special election issue for the Nov. 7 election:

Grass Valley

Holiday Lodge, 1221 East Main St

Hollywood Cabaret, 1255 E. Main

Big A’s, 810 E. Main

Charlie’s, 145 So. Auburn

Pine St Café, Grass Valley 110 S. Pine

Railroad Café, 111 W. Main

Holbrooke Hotel, 212 West Main

Bret Harte, 305 W. Main

Hill Top, 131 Eureka

Old Town Café, 110 Mill

Owl Saloon, 134 Mill

Bunce’s, 142 Mill

Gary’s Place, 158 Mill

Flour Garden by Safeway, 109 Neal

Elam Biggs, 220 Colfax Av.

Summer Thymes Cafe, 421 Colfax Hy

Golden Chain Motel, 13413 Hy. 49

Daily Donut, 117 McKnight

Stage Coach Motel, 405 So. Auburn

Coach N’ Four Motel, 628 So. Auburn

IHOP, 746 Taylorville Road

Village Inn Motel, 11858 Tammy Way

Alta Sierra Country Club, 10897 Tammy Way

Higgins Village Chevron, 10021Combie

Sierra Mountain Coffee, 10033 Combie

Long’s Drugs, 10045 Combie

Combie Market, 10530 Combie

Holiday Quality Foods, 10935 Combie

The Union, 464 Sutton Way

Breakfast Club, 12072 Old Nev. Hy.

Humpty Dumpty, 11711 Nevada City Hy

Grass Valley Convalescent, 107 Catherine St.

Golden Empire, 121 Dorsey St.

Spring Hill Manor, 355 Joerschke Dr.

Sierra View Manor, 389 Joerschke Dr.

Meadowview Manor, 396 Dorsey St.

Quail Ridge, 150 Sutton Way

Nev. Commons, 775 Old Tunnel

Nev. Meadows, 825 Old Tunnel

Nev. City Senior, 841 Old Tunnel

Flour Garden by Longs, 999 Sutton

Paulette’s, 875 Sutton Way

Hollywood Sweets, 12041 Sutton

Nevada City

Trolley Junction, 400 Railroad

Nevada City Express Mart 301, Sacramento St.

Deer Creek B&B, 116 Nevada St. NC

Northridge Restaurant, 773 Nevada St.

National Hotel upstairs lobby, 211 Broad St.

National Bar, 211 Broad St.

NC Classic Café, 216 Broad St.

Mine Shaft Bar, 222 Broad St.

US Hotel, 233 Broad St.

Café Mecca, 237 Commercial St.

Coopers, 235 Commercial St.

Java Johns, 306 Broad St.

Cirino’s, 309 Broad St.

McGee’s, 315 Broad St.

Wisdom Café, 426 Broad St.

Emma Nevada House, 528 E Broad St.

Pine St Café, 110 S Pine St.

Flume’s Inn, 317 S. Pine St.

Piety Hill, 523 Sacramento St.

Penn Valley

Penn Valley Country Shell, 16978 Penn Valley Dr.

Palermos Market, 17422 Penn Valley Dr.

Daybreak Café, 17464 Penn Valley Dr.

Penn Valley Gas and Mini Mart, 17562 Penn Valley Dr.

Chevron Mini Mart, 10067 Pleasant Valley Road

Holiday Quality Foods, 11324 Pleasant Valley Road

North San Juan

Peterson’s Corner, 27145 Hwy. 49

Rebel Ridge Store, 18585 Oaktree

Country Store, 19008 Tyler Foote Road

Mother Truckers, 13224 Tyler Foote Road

Sierra Super Store, 29405 Hwy 49

Lost Nugget, 19448 Hwy 49

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