Southerner and his wife help out the town library |

Southerner and his wife help out the town library

The Washington Public Library is looking very spiffy, thanks to Burl and Eloyce Rogers of Bigtown. I got a nice letter from them about wanting to donate some books, so I called them. Mr. R. answered, and inside of three words, I knew he was from Magnolia Land, and I promptly dissolved in a puddle of goo. Southern boys propose to girls on their first date, ’cause that’s jist plain good manners.

Burl was a Marine for 20 years (“Ah’m just an ol’ jarhead”) and an electronics engineer in Orange County before moving to Nevada County. “I’ve been investigating my family history for the last 15 years or so, tryin’ to find out how many horse thieves there are in the bunch. My wife spends her time tryin’ to take care of me … she harasses me as much as she can.” They have three daughters: Sandra, Burlene and Carolyn Sue, who live just far enough away to make their visits interesting.

They were kind enough to bring the books over to Riebe’s so Dale could switch them into his truck. When they parked, Eloyce said, “Uh, do you know his name? Because I don’t think you ought to be askin’ for Sugartush.” Gee whiz, he’s used to it by now.

I had to chuck all the hysterical novels and other books that weren’t moving at all to make room – so many beautiful books! It took five hours to get everything shelved, because I’d pick up a new book and think, “Oh my, this looks really interesting,” and sit down and start reading.

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, thank you for the letter, the books and a delightful half-hour of listening to a Texas accent. Superb!

I also want to say thanks to Charlotte Gonsalves and Babe Winship, who volunteered their time in a Grass Valley thrift store. They have a smile and a kind word or two for me every time I go in there – well, for everybody who shops there. They don’t play favorites. Sure perks up my day, though.

Down here in Littletown, Aunt Elaine Berkey had cataract surgery on her left eye about two weeks ago. I don’t know if I could face that; whenever the TV shows eye surgery, I can never bear to look. Things like hearts and livers, sure … but not eyes.

“It was a snap,” Aunt Elaine said. “I went to the hospital at 11:30 in the morning and was out around 2 in the afternoon. I was awake through the whole thing, and there was absolutely no pain whatsoever … well, wait a minute. Somebody pulled a piece of tape off my face, and I guess that hurt. I was surprised; I expected pain of some sort, but it was a piece of cake.”

The Washington Hotel is preparing for the Third Annual Sweetheart’s Ball on Friday, Feb. 15. I called Su Decorte for details; she had bought a new computer that very day, and it took two men and a boy to drag her away from it to talk to me.

Chef Wil is offering a three-course candle-lit extravaganza: stuffed crab or steak Victor with grilled veggies, potatoes au gratin, chopped vegetable salad and a desert of cherries creme. Cherries creme? I called Wil. “That’s a very delicate cream custard layered over cherries and presented on a bed of white hearts.”

Dinner reservations are encouraged, as the Valentine’s Dinner has proven very popular. The hotel also has a special package for couples: dinner, cocktails and a beautiful room in the hotel for $89. Please call 265-4364 for more information … on the other hand, cherries creme should be information enough.

Vivian Herron is a longtime resident of the town of Washington whose column appears on Saturdays. You can write her in care of The Union, 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, 95945.

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