Shrove Tuesday a long tradition in Grass Valley |

Shrove Tuesday a long tradition in Grass Valley

Shrove Tuesday's origins date back to at least the mid 1400s in England when it was said a parishioner ran to church with a frying pan in hand while cooking pancakes.

In Grass Valley, where the tradition dates back 102 years, parishioners showed up with waffle irons, putting a little twist on the traditional Pre-Lenten feast.

"The ladies back then had waffle irons, so that's what they do," longtime volunteer Debra Wicks said while helping to serve up dishes Tuesday morning at Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Grass Valley.

The name of the feast originates from the word 'shrive' which means to give absolution after confession, and coincides with other Pre-Lenten celebrations such as Fat Tuesday.

Proceeds from the money raised during Tuesday's meals go toward the yearly contributions that Emmanuel Episcopal Church provides to many area organizations.

"That's why we work so hard," Wicks said. "That's our mission, that's what God wants us to do."

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