Shirl Mendonca: Stepping up the parking patrol at Lake Wildwood |

Shirl Mendonca: Stepping up the parking patrol at Lake Wildwood

The Union photo/John Hart
John R. Hart | The Union

Have you ever gone to a park or beach in Lake Wildwood only to find the parking lots filled with unidentified cars?

If so, you are not alone; this has been a clear and consistent complaint.

At the April Security Meeting, the Lake Wildwood Safety Committee went over the new parking guidelines passed by the Board in March. The committee stressed that “there is now a culture where guests (called in and key cards) have grown to expect uncontrolled access to our parking amenities to the detriment of our residents … Historically, there has been minimal enforcement of our current parking rules”.

That has now changed.

Prior to board approval, the Safety Committee spent considerable time tightening parking rules, making them more readable, and developing a strategy for enforcement. Basically, nothing is new except the focus on enforcement.

There are no changes with respect to calling in guests to come to your home. The change is that every vehicle in a common area (parks, beaches, community center, clubhouse, etc.) must now display a permit that ties them back to the sponsoring member/resident who has ultimate responsibility and financial accountability for their guests. There are three different types of parking permits:

Resident parking permits — Most residents have a bar code decal on their car. Without a decal, residents must have a permit tied to their license number clearly displayed on the dash. Vehicle specific permits will be valid until Oct. 31, 2019. Subsequent permits will have a one-year term and are not transferable. Look for more information in the 2018/19 annual assessment billing.

Annual guest parking permits — Members will continue to receive two free parking permits each year per household for use and transfer from guest to guest or renters. The member’s ID will be on the permits as they are responsible for their guests who must clearly display permits on their dash when using association parking lots. The 2018/19 annual billing will instruct members to pick up two annual guest parking permits. The 2018/2019 permits will be valid until Oct. 31, 2019. Subsequent permits will have a one-year term.

Limited use parking permit — These permits are for guests coming into Lake Wildwood for a specific time frame and specific location (i.e. Clubhouse, Community Center, club meeting, park functions etc.) which will be noted on the permit along with the lot# of the responsible owner. Members can request up to five permits at a time (more with GM approval) and each permit must be clearly displayed on the guest’s dash. Members will secure the parking permits for their guests through the administration office or through the gates when the guest is entering Lake Wildwood. Permit colors change each year and there is a $2 fee for each permit. Parking for large events is arranged by the community center manager or clubhouse event manager.

Recent improvements to our parks, beaches, clubhouse, pool, and community center have increased guest demand for parking. Many HOAs have controls on parking as a way to monitor and insure member access to amenities so this was the logical step for Lake Wildwood.

Vehicle identification for parking in common areas is now enforceable and towing enforcement is now tied to the California Vehicle Code 22658. For the month of May, vehicles in violation of the parking rules will be issued a rules violation warning notice on the vehicle front windshield. Beginning June 1, vehicles parked in any association parking lot without proper identification will be subject to towing. Refer to the presentation on for more details and for specifics on when Lake Wildwood will tow a vehicle

Access issues (i.e. key cards) are also under review. Be sure to attend the security meeting Thursday evening, May 24, in the Lake Room at the Community Center for a discussion on proposed access changes.

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