Shirl Mendonca: PV men debut ‘Trigger Men’ comic book |

Shirl Mendonca: PV men debut ‘Trigger Men’ comic book

Kyle Winters of Lake Wildwood and Mike Andersen of Grass Valley first met in Mrs. McDaniels’ creative writing class at Nevada Union High School.

Even then, their respective writing styles were way “outside the box” on creativity and originality. Now, six years later, it is clear the class and the friendship between Kyle and Mike were the springboard for greater things.

Kyle and Mike both loved cartoons and comics, and both started writing at a young age. For several years, the two worked together to create pen-and-paper role-playing games (a la “Dungeons and Dragons”) but the “worlds” they were creating quickly led to story lines within these worlds that were perfect for comic books.

Add to the fact that both young men are a bit eccentric, revel in imagination and are passionate about collaborative storytelling and getting the details just right, and you have the birth of entrepreneurs and a new joint venture.

Two years in the making, their first self-published comic, “Trigger Men,” hits the stands on Oct. 20. This is a story of two best friends who reunite throughout their adult lives as contract killers (but not sociopaths).

Part dark comedy, part detective story, the comic centers on relationships and interactions that we stumble upon throughout life in small towns (like Penn Valley and Grass Valley).

This is the first in a series of comics. No. 2 will be out in December 2011.

Equal partners in a limited liability company, they share creative and operational responsibility.

“Trigger Men” is written by Mike, with Kyle as the editor. Kyle is writing his own very different series, “Police State,” which will debut in spring 2011. Mike will serve as editor on that series.

They could not do this alone. Other local talent helping with “Trigger Men” includes Penn Valley residents Rachel Wells (letterer) and Stephanie Flint (content editor) and Rough and Ready residents Greta Schimmel (cover art) and Nick Fisher (assistant editor). Grass Valley resident Casey Straka was cover editor.

This entire team loves the medium of comics and the opportunity of comics to tell a story and to entertain. They invite you to join in. “Trigger Men” can be purchased for $4.99 at (where you can also meet both young men on their web video) or at After the Goldrush Records in Nevada City.

Visit their Facebook fan page at triptychbooks for other locations carrying the comic.

Also watch for a Christmas special about a murder on Christmas Eve that will be out the second week in December. Congratulations to the entire “Trigger Men” team!

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