Shirl Mendonca: Indivisible Women get involved in political process |

Shirl Mendonca: Indivisible Women get involved in political process

Shirl Mendonca

Indivisible Women of Nevada County is a results-oriented collective of local women who are committed to engaging more fully at local, state and national levels to transform our political process. More than 500 local women, including at least 20 women who I recognized from Lake Wildwood and the greater Penn Valley area, came together on Feb. 27 for the IWNC meeting at the Miner's Foundry to learn from each other about how to get involved in the political process.

Nationwide, Indivisible Women has mushroomed since January and now includes over 5,000 groups. Locally, IWNC is a place where local women can become informed, get involved, be supported, and become inspired. With over 2,300 members and growing, the group is very active locally but is also working with the national level and other local groups from Auburn to Yuba City.

Indivisible Women of Nevada County is organized by interest teams and each team is member led and member funded if needed. Current teams include: reaching across the aisle, women's rights, education, environmental action, equal rights for all, gun safety, healthcare reform, LaMalfa action, political reform, and media/outreach.

Three Penn Valley/Lake Wildwood women are key team participants. Sharon O'Hara, is a board member for Citizens for Choice and is one of the core leaders in the women's rights group. Janis Bumgarner is a former labor attorney and is a core member in the Equality for All group with a focus on immigration issues. Amanda Wilcox, Penn Valley, is a legislative advocate in Sacramento for The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and also leader of the Nevada County Chapter; she is one of the core leaders for the gun safety group.

All women are welcome to get involved with any team(s) that interests them. More information is available at or on Facebook at Indivisible Women Nevada County.

There is also The Indivisible Guide that was created by former congressional staffers to serve as a resource to all individuals who would like to more effectively participate in the democratic process. It also serves as an inspiring model for rural women, and women who have never before engaged in political action, to find their voice in a new way. Go to the internet and Google The Indivisible Guide to find the download.

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If you are concerned, please call Western Gateway Park at 432-1990 to voice your opinion.

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