She talks to the angels |

She talks to the angels

Emma Gerhart uses a divining rod to determine if discarnets or possessions have entered one's body.
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Emma Gerhart has a little black book filled with names of people who have been healed by her spiritual powers.

“You see, I can go anywhere – Moscow, Idaho, or Moscow, Russia – it’s all the same planet,” said the 97-year-old spiritual healer. “I can give people whole new lives.”

Gerhart practices a form of spiritual healing called kundalini, a Hindu word for the sacred, transformative energy that triggers the spiritual awakening of one’s consciousness.

“It’s just fascinating what the human being is and the enormous capacity we have” if we tap into it, Gerhart said.

The spiritual guru can even work her wonders “absentee,” said Barbara Miller, one of Gerhart’s former clients and a longtime friend.

She reaches people energetically in faraway places, Miller said.

Gerhart helped her through a difficult time six years ago when her father and stepmother died within a month of each other.

“She helps people under stress, even children. She’s worked on people from all walks of life,” Miller said. “She’s the sweetest woman in the world and very caring and spiritual.”

During my recent visit to her home in Grass Valley, Gerhart told of the “magnificent spiritual experience” she had 40 years ago when the energetic force enveloped her and changed her life forever.

Gerhart said she was relaxing after a session of yoga exercises when she heard a hissing sound.

“And believe it or not, I watched this light wrap slowly around my body,” she said.

Since then, Gerhart said, she has developed the ability to rid people of possessions or discarnets.

Discarnets, according to teachings about kundalini, are disruptive forms of energy that can enter the Earth’s atmosphere and the human spirit and being.

“I talk to the angels, and they hear me, and I know they hear me because they do what I ask them to do.” she said. “I ask them to come in, and they entice the possessions to leave. See, they do the work, I don’t.”

To illustrate her point, she demonstrated her refined powers.

“I have to get in a little trance here,” she said, closing her bright blue eyes.

Gerhart asked me to stand in front of the big picture window in her living room so my aura would shine through.

“Is there an entity living in the body of Kevin Wiser of Grass Valley other than his own?” asked Gerhart, holding out a coat hanger bent into a makeshift divining rod.

“It’s just a piece of wire,” she said. “You can use a straw, and some people just use a finger.”

The divining rod, or “dowser,” Gerhart explained, can be used to find water, measure a person’s aura, or determine if discarnets or possessions have entered one’s body.

“See, that’s a no,” she said, watching the rod sway up back and forth.

“That’s a no,” she said again, just to make sure.

Luckily, and somewhat to my surprise, I had no possessions, Gerhart declared.

“Do you want to know anything else? she asked.

I thought for a moment or two, not sure what to ask.

“Where will I be in a year?” I asked.

“Where will you be?” she repeated with an amused but kind smile. “Oh, I’m not a psychic. That depends on you and your choices.”

Bells rang, whistles blew, and it all came suddenly clear – the power was in my hands. And I became a firm believer in Gerhart’s powers and understood that her magic comes from the wisdom of her years.

“It’s a gift she’s received as time goes by,” said longtime friend Rhovina Parmelee. “She’s a remarkable person. She’s helped out a whole lot of people.”

Aside from her spiritual healing, Gerhart is just your basic amazing human being, said Darla Fowler of the Widows’ Ministry.

At 97, Gerhart still takes care of her home, tends to her garden, drives a car, and hikes three miles a week.

“She’s such a magnificent lady. All the women in the group just admire her so much,” Fowler said. “And witty? Emma is sharp as a tack. You’d think she’s 55, she’s just so vibrant and such an active lady.”

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