Seeing red over claims that town hallers were bused in |

Seeing red over claims that town hallers were bused in

I must respond to Donna Carlisi, “stage manager,” who is sure that the people dressed in red at the Tom McClintock town hall meeting were bused in.

Before voicing the “facts,” she might have contacted the reporters from The Union or KNCO so she could know what she was writing about. I know every single person who was in red at that event and they are all Nevada County Tea Party Patriots and local residents, a fact that is easily substantiated with very little effort.

Not even one of those people was bused in. They are all your neighbors. We now have over 1,200 members in Nevada County and we want health care reform, we want everyone to have health care, but not at the price that the current administration is proposing. Realistic health care reform has been proposed in House bill HR3400, which cannot get out of committee because Nancy Pelosi has blocked it. Let it be heard on the House floor and see what a good health care bill looks like.

Stan Meckler, President

Nevada County Tea Party Patriots

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