Scotch broom busters: SYRCL hosts Scotch Broom Challenge (PHOTO GALLERY) |

Scotch broom busters: SYRCL hosts Scotch Broom Challenge (PHOTO GALLERY)

The Union staff

Eradicators of invasive species were out in force over the weekend, taking part in the South Yuba River Citizen’s League’s Scotch Broom Challenge at Purdon Crossing Saturday.

With the help of California State Parks Environmental Scientist Dan Lubin, volunteers used impliments of weed pulling destruction to help remove one of the most problematic of Nevada County’s invasive species.

Scotch broom was introduced to the region in the mid to late 1800s and was likely used as packaging material for Scotch whiskey being shipped to the California gold fields. The plant is known for being a prolific nuisance, and is quite flamable when ignited causing an added hazard during fire season.

Those trying to eradicate the weed by bulldozing large swaths of land might find the plant to come back stronger since Scotch broom likes to grow where dirt has been disturbed.

Scotch broom seeds can lie dormant for 80 years.

Those wishing to utilize SYRCL’s industrial weed pullers for use on their property can contact the SYRCL office.

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