Saying farewell: Diamond F thoroughbred ranch sold |

Saying farewell: Diamond F thoroughbred ranch sold

Anyone familiar with driving McCourtney Road past the Nevada County Fairgrounds has probably noticed the peaceful pastures of the Diamond F Ranch and the thoroughbred racing horses spending their retirement years there.

On any given day, the more than 30 horses can be seen grazing the pastures alongside a friendly flock of geese, frolicking with other horses, or sunbathing in the sun.

But those days are coming to an end soon as the owners of the Diamond F, Dave and Sandy Ferguson, have sold the ranch and are looking for greener pastures of their own.

The ranch first bred Quarter Horses when the Ferguson’s took over more than 30 years ago, before specializing in breeding thoroughbred horses.

Many of the Ferguson’s horses were known the world over, including Australia, where many races were won.

Recently the Diamond F Ranch is somewhat of a retirement home for horses that are aging or have special needs.

No matter the age or temperament of the horses, each are loved equally, which makes it that much harder for the Fergusons when deciding which of the herd will be making the move with them.

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