Savannah Hanson: Living without limits |

Savannah Hanson: Living without limits

Think of the word history. These accelerated times are requiring us to break free of our stories, of the conditioning that has kept us locked in self imposed blocks. These quickly shifting energies can be a fast ticket taking us back to our limitless natures.

This is being called the time of the arising of Christ Consciousness globally. Waking up from the illusion of the egoic self is no small task. Yet what I have come to witness is how we can get on a hamster wheel of constantly looking for egoic patterns within, finding ourselves on a search and destroy mission intending to dig ourselves free of what some are calling the new cage.

Lesson 71 in “A Course in Miracles” tells us the ego’s plan is to seek but never find. “A Course of Love” tells us we are coming to a time where we move beyond the need to learn, beyond the reign of the ego, the need for the contrast of suffering to show us what we do not want. How wildly exciting to live in a time where trying to dismantle the ego can come to an end after we have cleared enough of the filter, where we can live in the peace that passes all understanding, as it promises in the Bible (Philippians 4:7).

It is said that the spiritual ego is the last aspect of ego to crumble. We can witness religious wars fought in the belief that only one way can lead to the truth. I have seen people argue about which book, path, way is the “right” way, arguing in painful conflict in the name of spirituality. Yet for those with eyes to see, a new opening is parting the clouds. The idea of an idealized self is one of the most tenacious idols of all. As “A Course of Love” says, ”Your freedom is contingent upon your ability to give up your images, particularly the image you hold of an ideal self.”

Too often people blame themselves for their circumstances. It must be because I was unkind, I was angry, I was afraid, I doubted, I was guilty, in blame, in shame. We seek endlessly to clear up all the “sins” hoping it will finally put an end to our suffering. If our suffering seems to increase, we dig harder. What have I done wrong? Where can I improve? Initially most will blame outside circumstances or people for problems. But at a certain stage, the vitriol will turn inward. We tear endless at ourselves. Yet by remembering our true identities, that we are made in the image and likeness of God, ultimately we come to an end of all seeking.

A new day is dawning where we can look through those lies that seem to promise heaven only to those who have never failed. We see this for the interminable trap this is with no escape. We look deeper and begin to discover our incorruptible innocence. Instead of seeking without finding we begin to feel our own goodness, our own innocence, our own divinity.

Spiritual teacher John Mark Stroud said to me that the universe does not speak English, or religion, or ideas; rather it speaks vibration. What does this mean? It means if we are lost in self recrimination we will feel bad and attract less than ideal circumstances. Ultimately, we come to the place where we can drop all the endless seeking and declare ourselves found. Like little children who feel safe, we can begin to play and dance and sing. We no longer need to conduct our own internal witch hunt.

This is such a huge shift in awareness that I am finding it almost impossible to articulate. The feeling is of exiting a maze, rubbing ones eyes after living in a dark cave, reminiscent of Plato’s cave. We realize we are free, that it was our own mind that kept us trapped and it is our own knowing that can declare we are now liberated. The search is over, we are officially found.

Many laugh continuously upon seeing what once was so elusive. A dear friend has reached this inner spaciousness and cannot stop laughing. This direct experience is not bent by outer circumstances. The dream of eons is now within reach for more people than ever. We can lament living in difficult times or celebrate our good fortune to live in a time of global awakening to our limitless natures.

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