Savannah Hanson: Come to unity in community |

Savannah Hanson: Come to unity in community

Savannah Hanson

As the aggregate fear on the planet escalates, it becomes increasingly important we come to know true Llove and join together to support each other in authentic communication and connection. It is through what ‘A Course in Miracles’ calls holy relationship that we are able to access a key way to break the trance of fear and claim our inherent power and glory.

I have the great fortune to be a participant in and a facilitator of something called The Total Transformation Course. It explores the radical deeper teachings of ‘A Course in Miracles’ for those who are willing to completely wake up from the dream of separation. Our Facebook page is called the Miracles Bootcamp. To follow these revolutionary teaching we must give up our tendencies to wallow in victim and control and claim our unlimited natures as agents of the mystery. Bootcamp indeed.

In the Total Transformation Course we choose miracle buddies to be our companions in supporting us in breaking the trance of fear, returning to the majestic freedom and joy that is the outcome of realizing that none of this is real, that it is all a figment of our imaginations. Obviously this is not easy to see so the coming together as family is a critical aspect of the course.

Until beginning this course over a year and a half ago I was still trying to resolve what I believed to be real problems. If we make any problem real and then try to fix it we are caught in the illusions of 3D. Yet it can be so challenging to get beyond the level of theory that nothing is real or has any impact on us unless we choose to buy the illusion. Ultimately nothing ever touches our essence yet we suffer when we still believe we are nothing but these skin suits. Without this family and my miracle buddy I can not imagine how I could have gotten free of the terror current circumstance would probably have elicited in the past. Instead I am accessing a certainty and peace I have never known.

Not all will be willing to make such a profound commitment to the truth. Yet what I am witnessing is many are hungry for authentic, meaningful, intimate connection and relationships. Over the last few months I attended two events called micro dating. To attend the second one I had to drive through very snowy conditions in iffy weather yet I felt literally driven to do so. In the event, women outnumbered men perhaps three or four to one so I spent much of the time connecting to women.

I noticed a lot of woman sitting out if they were not linked to a man. I also noticed that some of my best “dates” were wordless. The connection was through a hug, a touch, a soundless gazing. I found these very fulfilling regardless of whether I suspected I would enjoy the person’s specific personality. In fact I felt a powerful connection a number of times despite not being drawn to the personality. Afterwards a woman tapped me on the shoulder and told me I was her favorite “date.”

All of this incubated with me throughout the night. I woke up with a profound clarity. I realized I had not been interested in dating. That was not at all what had drawn me to the events. I was interested in connecting heart-to-heart. The gender was not meaningful for me in terms of the connection. I knew that this budding awareness was to be another integral part of my life purpose.

I conceived of what I called Global Heart Connection. Without any effort, marketing, or planning, I conceived of events I want to offer and call it “Coming to Unity in Community.” I held the first event last week and found it both inspiring and satisfying with the level of intimacy formed amongst us. I simply posted on Facebook the day before the event and waited to see if anyone would respond. One person’s passionate commitment to the event was all the fuel I needed.

I will continue to offer these events by donation. I see this as a critical part of the wholing of the planet. We must come together in unity, regardless of our values, beliefs, orientation. This is not about sharing the story of the ego. This is about breaking the trance of fear to embrace truth. Please contact me if you desire to join the love revolution through this community gathering online. This is how the world will be as one. Thank you John Lennon.

For information on private sessions, Come to Unity in Community events or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation, contact Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT #40422 at 530-575-5052 or

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