Saturday class designed to ‘melt anxiety away’ |

Saturday class designed to ‘melt anxiety away’

More than 40 million Americans suffer with anxiety everyday. Even here tucked away in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains the fast pace of modern life leaves many of us feeling stressed, tense and unable to relax. When anxiety arises you can feel paralyzed helpless and out of control and unable to live the life you want.

I’m talking about the fear that arises and freezes you. Stops you from taking the actions necessary to create the life you are dreaming of. These feelings include self-dought, shame, regret, worry, guilt, hopelessness. They are all forms of fear that stop us.

Ralph Waldo Emerson says it so truly in this quote: “fear defeats more people then any one thing in the world.”

When we spiral down into this place of anxiety our motivation and energy are zapped. We feel bogged down and heavy. We are tense, and our shoulders, neck, or heads are always aching. Our minds are so full of thoughts, worries and concerns that we can’t focus. We can’t make solid and powerful decisions because we are always second guessing ourselves.

The result is that we end up sabotaging our own success.

We procrastinate and postpone the very actions that are critical to creating the life we want and put off our dreams with a thousands of excuses about why its not the right time, why we are not ready, or why it is someone else’s fault.

So how do we break free from this fear paralysis and start living the life you want? You must get back in to the present moment. Fear, anxiety and stress live in the past in our regrets, shame and “I should haves.” And in the future: “what if they don’t like it?”; “what if I fail?”; “what if IT happens again?” It is when we return to this moment that all fear melts away.

You are free to enjoy the sweetness of simply being alive. Your creativity blossoms, you are focused and full of confidence as you move through your day.

The public is invited Saturday for an insightful, value packed class where participants will be taught how to use the healing power of nature, meditation and the wisdom of their own body to get back into the joy and freedom of the present moment. Learn how to quiet the mind, stop worrying and procrastinating, and get motivated!

Melt Away Your Stress, Tension and Pain will be from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Full Life Yoga Studio, 240 Providence Mine Road, Ste. 112 in Nevada City.

Space is limited, call or e-mail to reserve your seat at 530-392-4108 or

Dawa Fitzmaurice is a speaker and anxiety expert. For more than 27 years she has studied meditation and the power of love to heal, with leading experts around the world including the Dali Lama and Amma “the hugging saint.” Dawa also studied with top experts in wilderness living and herbalism emerging as a leader in the fields of plant medicine and Nature healing. Her articles have appeared in Be The Boss Magazine and All Things Healing.

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