Ready to fire Boxer |

Ready to fire Boxer

Before the stimulus that Barbara Boxer supported, California’s unemployment rate was 10 percent. It is now at 12.6 percent. Sen. Boxer promised Californians to keep the unemployment below eight percent.

Here’s a real stimulus: cut corporate taxes, extend the Bush tax cuts, pay off the national debt and stop spending! This will create jobs and stimulus. Boxer said part of the stimulus was set aside for the development of “green jobs.” The problem, Sen. Boxer, you have not stated how you are going to create these green jobs or even what the standard for green jobs is.

In July 2010, 9,400 more jobs were lost in California. My own son-in-law was informed recently by his boss that he was going to have to lay him off. California now has the third highest unemployment rate in the country. In California, 58 counties have unemployment rates above 15 percent.

Carly Fiorina is running against Boxer for U.S. Senate. Fiorina believes that if you unleash small businessmen, innovators and entrepreneurs by reducing taxes and reducing unnecessary regulations jobs will be saved and created.

Sen. Boxer, you have not kept your promise to create jobs in California and lower the unemployment rate. California is in serious trouble, people are hurting and many cannot find any jobs. It’s time for new innovative ideas to help California find jobs and create jobs. Therefore, Sen. Boxer, on Nov. 2, I will be firing you and voting for Carly Fiorina for U.S. Senate.

Lavetta Moff

Grass Valley

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