RE: ‘Stay the course, America’ – Check the facts |

RE: ‘Stay the course, America’ – Check the facts

Regarding “Stay the course, America” by Cheryl Cook of Nevada City, I’m wondering if she ever checks the veracity of facts she chooses to cherry pick.

When pushed, The New Yorker magazine admits to using unnamed sources in their attack on the Koch brothers and their successful Koch Industries.

Ms. Cook once again claims “the billionaire boys club” funds the Tea Party Patriots. She seems to be hung up on this hackneyed term and anyone backing the Tea Party Patriots. I see no evidence to this charge.

The lengthy article in The New Yorker alleges that Koch Industries are polluters, yet they have won 180 environmental and safety honors.

The magazine article does not mention this nor the fact that Koch employs 50,000 Americans or that the so-called pollutants from their manufacturing are emissions tightly regulated and legally permitted.

The Kochs are Libertarians and have a “principled commitment to economic freedoms and market-based solutions.”

These are their words and as yet unpublished by The New Yorker in a rebuttal to the charges of the original story. The New Yorker has relied on innuendo and unsubstantiated assertions in the writing of this original story.

I personally view this as intimidation and the attempt to silence people who lawfully challenge and debate government policy.

Ms. Cook would put us on a slippery slope toward controlling dissension or expression of disagreement with those in power. I, personally, will take the Koch Brothers any time over the liberal progressive/ communist George Soros who has funded and controlled the Obama election and administration.

The three “facts” she presents about the economy, jobs, taxes and Obama reform are sadly humorous in their naivete.

Ms. Cook obviously believes that the $111 million given the City of Los Angeles to save or create jobs was beneficial – after all, approximately 55 jobs were saved/created.

Gee, that’s only about $2 million per job. What a deal!

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